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    ISO Case to hold 32 inch shaft

    Looking for cue case to hold 32 inch shaft. must be at least 1x3 case
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    to: sjm300

    To: sjm300 for some reason i was having trouble sending you a private message. So here is your answer The sleeve will be available Sept 1st 2015 on the web site for an intro price of $24.99 soon after then will go to regular price of $29.99.If you have a problem...
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    When is a Break & Run NOT a break & run?

    A friend of mine posted about Run outs. Example: Rack #1 I break make Two balls but I scratch, He runs the rest. Rack #2 He breaks & makes the 9 ball on the break. Rack #3 He breaks runs the whole rack. Rack #4 He breaks Runs to the 3-9 Carom Rack #5 He breaks makes the 9 ball on the break...
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    One pocket Players - Cloth

    One pocket Players What cloth do you prefer & why?
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    $250-300 whats out there?

    Beautiful cue [/ATTACH] As you can see beautiful cue Sold new for $390.00 But no longer available from Fury. This is new only test hit. This cue was awarded to me From the Tri-State-Tour for PLAYER OF THE YEAR. Price is $325.00 after Sat Noon Yours for $290 Plus shipping is free this...
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    Handicap Tournament mistake

    Handicap Tournament Mistake What should be done if a Tournament Director/Owner makes a mistake giving out the wrong handicap in the 4th round on winners side. About 32 players & about $250.00 1st place prize with a $350.00 1st place prize in the Calcutta. Which the person who was wronged had...
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    Case Makers

    Case Makers !!! Can I get a case made And sponsor your great equipment? I'm looking to get made a 3x7 hard leather case with Wheels & Adjustable kick stand. 2 secret (false bottom & space in top) for GPS & other items. Three (3) pouches on front (one long enough for extension on cue) One...
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    How to fix Slow play & long Breaks?

    How can Tournament directors fix the problem with slow play & long breaks? I had an experience with a player who took a bathroom break before our match & then took about a 13 minute cigarette break. I had seen that same player do this for 2 other matches besides mine. If this person plays...
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    Ringwork & protective end caps

    I need somebody that can make me matching 5/16 x 14 Protective Caps (4) & 2 Collar's for my Z2 shafts. Any help would be appreciated :-) In box me please or E-Mail ( )
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    Thank You Everybody !!!

    I just wanted to say THANK-YOU To everybody who showed concern or even donated. For my Kidney Cancer Surgery was done 12/14/2013 I was out of the hospital the very next day! I'm home now & a little sore. I didn't realize how many of you AZER's even knew I existed never mind cared. While I'm...
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    NY/NJ Dec 14th Tournament

    If your in the NJ/NY area & If you want to play the best & have some fun doing it, play in this tournament on Saturday Dec 14th 2013
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    Let Applause All the Players .. with Physically Handicapped

    handicapped but plays very sporty :-) I will back him if you want to play him :-)
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    EYE Problem Doctor Please

    OK I'm trying to show somebody what a pool table looks like to somebody. I need to show them the difference between somebody with no Depth Perception & somebody with Depth Perception. Can anybody help? I would like to see two different pictures if this is possible. And if at all possible...
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    Looking for Z-2 5/16 -14 piloted

    Looking for Predator NEW Z-2 or ob 5/16 -14 Must be under 12mm piloted Blanks are ok Also Can be used Must fit Josswest & Paul Mottey. Anything new over $200.00 Don't bother
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    Should I get this Pool Hall?

    Should I do this? How much would you pay for a Pool Hall that has no chance of getting an alcohol license? Owner sells very little food. Seller wants $13 Sq Ft for lease rental. Lets say $65k/yr Expenses are about 4.5 times Square footage without Payroll. Approx 23K/yr Income is 27 x...