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    looking to buy some junk cues

    I have 20 house cues.... make me an offer
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    **^^ South West **^^

    now thats a beautiful cue ..... gls
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    FS: Original Franklin Southwest SW shaft

    message me if shaft is still available
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    southwest satin

    Hell yeah it would........ ^^^^^
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    Billy Webb Cue - $7

    Thanks Billy... post up when the next nice cue is posted.... nothing better then raffles
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    Billy Webb Cue - $7

    The thread isnt up anymore...
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    Instroke 3x5 leather case

    Black Instroke 3x5 leather case.... $old pending payment shipped. case is used with some scuffs on the bottom. Overall the case is in good condition
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    Predator 4 point Sneaky w/Z2 shaft for sale $225

    if the deal falls thru i will take it just message me your paypal info
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    Dufferin Butterfly Conversion W/ 2 Shafts

    If cue is still available im instrested... pm me paypal info if so Rip my friend... thoughts and praters go out to you and your family
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    We Lost Tommie 1351

    RIP my friend..... gone but not forgotten. hands down one of the best in the business
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    Need to get a hold of Kevin Varney

    The Title says it all.... Thanks for your help in advance
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    Simonis 860 110" X 79" BRAND NEW

    Pm sent.....
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    WTS:Tony Zinzola #115

    Zinzola's are the way to go.... beautiful cue. wish i had the money
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    Tim Scruggs Sneaky for sale

    does the cue roll straight together and apart
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    Awesome 2X5-3X4 JB case with tooling

    That is a beauty... glws