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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    In honor of today-
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    Porper Mini Q Lathe Feeler

    Dude this is an 11 year old thread. The seller hasn't been on here since- Jul 30, 2019.
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    Mezz Ignite WTB

    Looking for a 30" Ignite shaft 3/8x10. I know it's a longshot but I figured I'd ask, new or used is fine. Thank you.
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    When is it ok to cancel a custom cue - already paid half price

    I want to know what really good cuemaker only has a 3-6 month wait?????
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    Light size

    It shouldn't matter enough to bother you, it's going to be better than those old 3 brass lights with 3 100 watt bulbs. If it's not enough light you could put stronger bulbs in it. I think the Diamond light might look weird with a Gold Crown table, but if you like buy it.
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    Business idea: Combining pool with a gym?

    I don't think it's a bad idea, but what would you do with this guy-
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    Tournament square LED Light is finally installed

    iusedtoberich has a great thread camera's-
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    Jeanette Lee "For Sale" Fundraiser

    Great idea, donated. Thank you.
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    Slug Doctor mystery

    I don't know about slug dr. Would this work?- Perma-Rack Pool Billiard Racking Template on the bay-...
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    Dale Perry.... Is he shutting down?

    Don't forget his Boy's Club fiasco!
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    Adam savage book on pool.

    Thank you for posting that. I liked it and will be buying the books and want to watch the movie.
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    More cool posters

    I'll take the other 1996 Gallery of Cues. 17"x22". $25, if it's still available. Thanks. Stan