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    Tv coverage mosconi cup

    ESPN3 most of the days and all of the match on Facebook. And of course DAZN for pay per view.
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    Start times for Masconi Cup 2019

    no, but I do know that the whole event can be watched on Facebook for FREE! All 4 days. so I think you can watch it anytime . Not positive of that however. Last year I was under the impression that I had to use DAZN AND PAY $20. Nope! After I had already paid I found out it was on ESPN3...
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    SVB Sky Diving Adventure
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    Share a room at the US Open ? I have one :)

    I have a room reserved for the week of the US Open at the Waterfront Norfolk Sheraton where the tournament will take place. My room has 2 queen size beds and is reserved for Saturday night thru Saturday night (8 nights) I paid around $950 for the room. If you want to share the room with me...
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    Nationally sponsored players and their winnings ?

    Recently I have been wondering what happens when players that are sponsored by their country as for instance Ko Pin Yi win a sizeable amount in a Tournament. Since they are sponsored do:smile: the winnings go to the player/s or do they go to the country ?? Thanks in advance for your input :)...
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    Bye Bye Canada :)

    FRANCE !! WOW ! Goodbye Canada ....NO $60,000.00 for you two ! Thanks to Jason Klatt :) See you next year .....with a new partner right John Morra :) I feel bad for Johnny :(
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    How does a "spot" work ? thanks :)

    I see and hear talk of spotting a player to make the game more competitive but don't understand some of the terminology. For instance when somebody says they will give you the 6 & the 7,,,, what does that mean?