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    *** Schon CX-48 FS/FT ***

    I have a Schon CX-48 with a Predator 314-2 shaft a a Stacked Leather Wrap ... Looking to sell or Trade ... Would like a Bludworth or a Durbin .. I can text or Email pics of my Schon if interested
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    Looking for a Schon STL-20 .... Does anyone have one they would part with ?? Thanks, Jamey
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    DCC 1 Hole FINALS !!!!

    Can I get any updates on the 1 Hole finals ... Thanks
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    F/S - " NEW " Predator SE 18 w/ 314-2 Shaft

    I have a BRAND NEW Predator Special Edition 18 cue with a 314-2 shaft .... Never been used !!!! Retail $1895.00, will take $1200.00 for it ... NO TRADES !!!!! Sorry... I can send pics but you can also look it up on Predator's web site .... Thanks, Jamey
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    For Sale or Trade... Eddie Anderson Cue

    I have a very nice Eddie Anderson cue that i want $1400.00 for..... I would take a trade for a Scruggs or a Joss West... The Eddie Anderson cue weighs 19oz with 2 - 12.8mm shafts.... This cue is perfectly straight together and apart... Just send some offers.
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    !!!!! H e l p !!!!!

    Can ANYONE give me some information on a cue maker from the NY area named EDDIE ANDERSON ????? Thanks
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    Eddie Anderson Cue ....

    These are the pics i took.... I got a little ahead of myself..... This is a awesome cue and it is PERFECTLY straight.....
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    Eddie Anderson Cue ....

    Can someone please give me some info on Eddie Anderson.... From what i have been told, he was from the NY area. I have this AWESOME cue and want to know something about it or even better.... What its value is.... I read in a magazine that Mike Davis still plays with one.... If anyone knows how...
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    Looking for a player for around $500

    Jackson Cue with 2 shafts Sorry, The pics didnt download..... Here they are.
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    AWESOME 8 pt BLACKCREEK - 2004

    This is a MONSTER cue..... 8 ebony points with Ivory and Mother of Pearl....19 oz with 2 shafts (both 12.6mm)..... Radial pin and Ivory Joint. The pic only shows 1 shaft but there is 2 and they are both original shafts.. The second was getting a tip put on when i took the pics... SORRY I have...
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    Fine Job Henny..........

    This guy was over due for a huge win like this, I know alot of people don't like him or hate his actions but you have to give it up........This guy has TALENT !!!!!!!! Job well done Jon.
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    " Latham Cues "

    Does anyone have any info about a Latham cue? Who makes it or any contact info. Thanks