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    Kanaka Creek wrapless FS/FT

    For sale/trade I have a Kanaka Creek wrapless cue from Keith at Doc's Cues in Minneapolis. Cue is 57 inches - 28.5 even split Butt is 15.8 oz Shaft is 3.5 oz and 12.8 mm at the ferrule 3/8x10 SS pin Balance point is forward at 19.5 inches Dymondwood forearm with segmented BEM handle - I was...
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    What could cause this?

    I was browsing the 'bay and came across this... What could possibly cause the rings to deteriorate to that degree and seemingly not destroy the rest of the cue? Just curious - not involved in the sale of this cue nor am...
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    Tightning up pockets on a Bar table

    Here are pictures of a set of Ridgeback Pro rails on a Valley from the 70's. The only modification that I had to make was to cut the edge of the pocket liners to accommodate the extra length on the rails.
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    Kanaka Creek Cue

    For sale is a 2010 Kanaka Creek Cue make by Keith at Doc's Custom Cues here in Minneapolis. Butt weighs 15.0 oz with 1 oz weight bolt installed. G10 3/8x10 pin Shaft weighs 3.5 oz and is 13 mm Balance point at 17.5 inches Excellent looking cue, 6 points of Brazilian Rosewood into maple, fancy...
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    Rusty Melton 1x2 for sale

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    Vintage Viking Window Cue

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    Predator SP6GN wrapless sneaky 2 shafts

    For sale is a barely used Predator Roadline sneaky, SP6GN. SOLD pending payment
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    A love affair - rekindled

    15 years ago I bought my first 'real' cue - I was in the local pool hall and they had a beautiful cue that they took in on trade. It was used, but too good looking to pass up. Turned out it was a Pechauer, and I fell in love with the natural wood recuts in the points. It was a P8 from their...
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    Schön R-5 with 1.7 shafts

    No longer available
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    WTT - Predator Pre-Cat 5/16x14

    No longer available
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    Thinner maple shafts

    I am curious as to how many of you make thinner shafts in solid wood. The reason I ask is this - I just acquired a Schön R-5 that came with an original shaft that is at 12 mm. Previous to this I have always shot with something in the 12.5-12.9 range. I really like the smaller shaft diameter...
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    Titlist Conversion

    Cue no longer for sale.
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    Shafts - Pettit and 314-2

    Predator 314-2 Uniloc Moved to separate listing
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    Chalk question

    Sorry, this is not a which chalk is best thread - just a general question. If the best way to chalk your tip is to 'paint' the chalk gently across the tip and not to grind it directly with a twisting motion....why does chalk come with a divot in the center? It seems that this would just...
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    Schön Break Shaft?

    I just acquired a Runde Schön R-5 that came with 2 shafts. One is the typical micarta ferruled shaft, but the other one is different. It was marketed as a 'break shaft' It is 3 inches shorter than the playing shaft, and has what looks to be a LBM ferrule instead of micarta. It does have the...