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    Zimbabwe urges sale of stockpile of seized elephant ivory

    Sell the ivory. Get rid of ivory bans and instead focus on combating the poaching. Sending something underground to the black market is never the right answer. There are people killing elephants and smuggling ivory. While there are hundreds of thousands of pounds of ivory from already dead...
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    John Schmidt- live 14.1

    I like the snooker style of breaking the balls out slowly throughout the frame. The first few times I watched, and I still get this feeling but I know what’s up now, I would get nervous as hell that they hadn’t smashed open the pack lol. “There’s your chance!” But those guys are so good and...
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    John Schmidt- live 14.1

    Hey everyone. I just came across this on YouTube and didn’t see any mentions of it. Only a few people watching right now but from the few minutes I’ve seen you’re getting a live commentating by John as he’s playing, as well as dudes in the booth.
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    So what are they testing for when they do these ‘randoms’? Are there any actual performance enhancing drugs to benefit a pool player? I’ve heard about beta blockers or something but I’m not sure what they’re all about. Are they trying to catch someone out for having ‘recreational’ drugs in...
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    Appleton Suspension?

    Conspiracy theory is a term that shouldn’t even exist, especially these days ; ) Stand ready orange 5 ball. You will be called upon someday...stay strong. too.
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    Carbon Fiber Shafts should be Banned

    I play with a 314 shaft. With a water Buffalo tip, and now with this Techno-dud, I can jump decently with my full cue. I can’t hop a whole ball though... at least not yet. I’ve smoked a few half (or less) ball jumps playing BB 8 ball the past few weeks. Knowing you have that option makes it...
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    Snooker kinda reminds me of all pool games. As if they share some dna in the distant past. Almost as if the perfect game of snooker took form long ago, then some rebels left the area and wanted their own new types of they took parts and pieces from “the game” and made these different...
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    How does a cue play?

    Hey! That’s TMI chili...tmi lol. It really is delicious though. Written out like that it does seem similar to sausage without the casing but the flavor and texture is very different. I think it’s only made in Maryland and the surrounding 4-5 states. I never knew that until I joined the army...
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    How does a cue play?

    What’s their blue crab situation look like? And do they have scrapple at the breakfast spots? These are the two *most* important food items one can acquire. Maryland isn’t known for much, but we do lacrosse well from what I hear, and we have the best blue crabs on earth. Something about that...
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    Conceding a game.

    Thats what I thought happened when you said he took two more shots first. I think that was a bad call by the TD. The guy was fine with it, then once he realized he might not run out cuz he played poor shape, he figured it was time to use the foul to win the rack. I’m imagining it wasn’t a...
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    Carbon Fiber Shafts should be Banned

    You can get decent LD shafts for cheap. My first cue was a Viking something or other for like $140 with an LD shaft. Not to mention the used market. But I don’t see a huge difference when going to a house cue from one of my own LD. Maybe because I learned first with LD stuff I don’t know...
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    Carbon Fiber Shafts should be Banned

    Reading a book whilst swimming? Major just took my spot but I don’t feel like quoting justnum. Also, reading a book is really just staring at dead trees and hallucinating. How many jump cue debates can happen in one year? Unknown. How many balls can I make in a row without missing? Known...
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    Carbon Fiber Shafts should be Banned

    I think everyone should have to use a carbon fiber jump cue for every shot in pool. And you should have to jump every time even with no obstructing balls. It’s at the discretion of your opponent whether or not you cleared the invisible ball between CB and OB. You should have to snort .25g of...
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    Easy ball or hard one

    For me it would depend on who I’m playing, and the actual shots in question. In general I always try to take the “right” shot and the right set of balls for me to run out. If the opener for stripes was something I’ve been struggling with lately, and I’m playing someone good in a league or...
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    How we roll

    Lately I think of humans in terms of being like hamsters in a cage. The TV/movies are kinda like our hamster wheel or cool tunnels - they stimulate us so we don’t go crazy, instead of being out and living you get a watered down dose of human connection and vicarious thrills through the Box...