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    Walkaway Joe movie Not the Color of Money but its got pool in it. Anyone watch it yet?
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    San Diego pool tournaments?

    I'll be in San Diego for 5 nights in a few weeks and was wondering if there are any week night pool tournaments? Thanks
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    Alex vs Alain Martel

    Alain appears to be taking a page outta Earls book -- playing Alex now in Canadian 10 ball championship -- stream is here
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    Oscar Dominguez - good guy

    Here's a post from Erik Hjorleifson's FB page about Oscar. "So im doing well at the turning stone in the winners side final. Haven't made any posts yet cause I just want to stay focused but in the last match something happened that I have to post about. At 5 4 Oscar Dominguez was kicking and he...
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    Big Red takes out Big Ko

    Erik beat Ko at Turning Stone I think Erik plays outta Jim Wych's room now, and playing on those diamonds full time has prob bumped his game up a few notches. Good for him!
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    Dynamite rates the Americans

    lol, this should heat things up for the Mosconi Cup good read
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    Making the break an advantage

    How do you make the break an advantage to the player with the better break and still not make the game boring by making the wing ball every time? In tennis that answer is simple, in pool so far its not. What if you get so many balls past the head string you get automatic ball in hand...
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    Rules question

    If you have ball in hand can you use the cue ball to see if there is enough room for a ball to pass between the rail and a ball?
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    Thorsten Homann interview

    good read
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    Million Dollar Challenge Documentary

    Hey CJ, does the semi and finals DVD include the 11 racks run by Earl?
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    Chris Melling

    Watched his match tonight, he sure is fun to watch. Never really know what he's gonna do next, kinda like the Pearl. He's fast, shot making is unbelievable and creativity all make for a fun package to watch. Hope he makes it deep in the tourney.
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    earl vs shane... streamed??

    Is the earl vs shane match being streamed?
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    Ultimate 10 ball --- live stream schedule?

    Is there a schedule of the live streams. I see matches in progress but no live streams for them.
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    Bonus Ball starts May 30th

    from their website: The World Professional Billiard League will launch the inaugural 2013 season Thursday May 30th at 7pm PT. The entire season will be played at the new 13,000 sq. ft. WPBL arena in Las Vegas, where 48 of the world’s top players will compete...
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    ABP Message to Players

    found this on another site. Not sure if its already posted: October 7, 2012by Association Billiard ProfessionalsChicago, Illinois- The Association of Billiard Professionals will be working on providing...