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    Jim Pierce Cocobolo Merry Widow

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    The BIG Mezz shaft thread!

    Can anyone tell me (or, better yet, provide gradual measurements) for a Mezz hard maple shaft with "ST taper" and 12.8mm tip? I've got a Mezz hard maple now but it's 13.1mm tip, no logo, several years old.. I'm guessing it ain't the same profile.. I would be very interested to know how 'stiff'...
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    ISO 5/16x14 play shaft [12.7-13mm] [0.8455"] [silver ring]

    Prefer good quality conventional maple but send a PM with what you have if you'd like. Thanks in advance.
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    ISO 5/16x14 play shaft [12.7-13mm] [0.8455"] [silver ring]

    Perhaps a long shot but I'm looking for a deal on a new maple playing shaft for an old cue (with a bit of an oddball joint diameter). I'm a stickler for a flush fit... * 12.7-13mm tip diameter * 0.8455" joint diameter * 3.8 - 4.0 oz weight * single offset silver ring * taper on the stiffer side...
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    Jim Pierce Cocobolo Merry Widow

    Good condition 59" cocobolo merry widow with black leather wrap and teal/maple/red rings, 19.1oz, 19" balance point, small dent in butt sleeve, light shaft bluing from recent play Butt 29.5" length, 15.5oz weight (1.0oz weight bolt), cocobolo forearm & butt sleeve, brass radial pin, butt sleeve...
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    WTB: 3/8x10 break shaft

    3/8x10 pin, strong taper, the heavier the better, 13mm+ tip, plain black collar, Samsara JB tip a welcome bonus. Joint diameter should be ~0.838. Looking to spend <$100 shipped. PM me, thanks.
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    30" 13mm 4.1oz Andy Gilbert shaft

    I acquired this shaft new off a fellow member a little less than a month ago (30” Gilbert shaft | AzBilliards Forums). Shoots great, it's served me well (~20 hours playing time). I needed something simple while shopping for my next stick and I'm ready to move it on to someone else who can use it...
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    Let's see those Jim Pierce customs!

    Hi everyone, I've got a Pierce coming soon, it's got me a little excited and needing a fix..... SHOW US YOUR PIERCES!!!! ;P
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    WTB: McDermott Stinger NG01 (or shaft only)

    I like my breakers very light weight. Shaft must be ~.840 at joint, Samsara JB tip a bonus. The cheaper the better, so long as it's straight and works. PM me.
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    Sold JB Rugged Cases

    Pm sent
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    Started as an "All Paul", became "ABS", now it just "ARIZONA"

    I know this thread is ten years old... but, I just have to say, that is one of the nicest and most thoughtfully designed cases I've ever seen. Beauty and practicality merged into a polished final package. Two thumbs up!
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    FS: Bryan Mordt (BCM) 4.3oz shaft for McDermott

    Bump, still available Bryan made some lovely stiff-tapered dense shafts and this one is no exception! Excellent natural maple upgrade for a McDermott or any 3/8x10 butt you've got with this joint diameter. :)
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    ISO Curly Maple BCM

    Looking for my old Bryan Mordt BCM cue, contact me if you have it and are thinking about moving it on. Joaquin's Curly Maple BCM Cue — BCM CUES Thanks.
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    Need 5/16 x 18 Shaft with thick silver ring

    pm sent