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    Mezz cue with hybrid 2 shaft

    Available? Thanks Jon
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    M43D – McDermott Cue

    M43D – McDermott Cue Dragon is engraved. Jewel Eyes This is the original version of this cue. Before the Gcore shaft. Has the gold and black linen wrap. Included are 2 shafts. Reg Maple and a custom Chilton break shaft. Chilton looks amazing and hits even better. Red is a perfect match. 1...
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    Mezz KAI power break (Blue)

    $340 shipped paypal F&F Deep impact 2 shaft. Great condition. Original tip. 19 oz. Blue. Sport grip. Tiny dent in black. Pictured. Small mark on shaft by joint. Hard to show. PM me with any questions. $340 shipped paypal F&F CONUSA Thanks!
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    Mezz cocobolo sneaky pete cue - MSP-C

    sold sold sold
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    Mezz 2 x 4 cue case

    Great condition. Cool little case. MSRP $300 new. Basically new. Lots of storage. Multiple pockets. Case can be seen here, new.... $150 shipped conus. Paypal Will consider reasonable offer.
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    Custom leather cue case

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    Custom Segmented Wrapless Cue

    Segmented maple. Brass rings. 30" butt. 29" shaft Straight cue. Brass 3/8 x 10 pin Kamui brown med tip. 18.8 oz 12.7 tip Paypal shipped conus only $280 OBO
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    Mezz Coco Sneaky

    Looking for this cue used. Not looking to pay new price. Thanks, J
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    Predator BK3 Sport

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    Jack 195 - Beware Dealing with!

    Seems we have another bum in the forums. JACK 195 Only been here since Dec last year, but 2 of his 3 transactions are SHADY. First off was mine. I was selling a break cue and case. He messages me lowballing, claiming the case is beat up and he was just going to donate the break cue to a youth...
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    Mezz Kai-Blue

    Looking to BUY a Mezz Kai. Blue preferred. Sports grip. Used, not new pricing. PM me, only. Thanks
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    Cue Package

    SOLD partially Thanks for looking.
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    Lee Peppers 2012 Custom Cue

    sold ..................................... SOLD
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    Rare Pat Diveney Sneaky w/Lakewood Shaft