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    BEF 2017 Junior Nationals Live Stream
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    No Safeties Allowed

    I've come across certain rules where I was "not allowed" to play a safety, but who's to say whether a shot I chose was a safety or not? I could "accidentally" miscue or hit a shot so bad that it ends up in a safety. I could argue that I was going for the shot because nobody else knows what my...
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    Training Device with Immediate Feedback

    How beneficial do you think it would be to have a wearable device that gives instant feedback on your stroke? For example, you get a small vibration if you twist your wrist, or a sound if your backstroke was jerky. You could also store the data from a number of strokes to analyze your...
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    Lesson with Jerry Briesath

    I had the honor of getting a lesson with Jerry Briesath last night, and he has a way of explaining concepts to make them very easy to learn. I particularly enjoyed his knowledge of positioning off of a ball in the jaws of a pocket (hangers). If you get an opportunity to take a lesson from Jerry...
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    My infographic on the complexity of a billiard shot

    These are just the effects from your body movement, so the diagram doesn't include equipment effects like type of tip, shaft deflection, cleanliness of ball, etc.
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    Calling All Denver Players

    We are looking for 5 more players to join us in American Rotation series 6! The format is round robin, 9 weeks of play with flexible scheduling. We will play at Felt in Englewood on the 9' Diamonds. For more details and to register online, go to
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    What is necessary to improve?

    Everyone wants to get better, run more racks, and win more games. What do you believe is necessary to improve? In other words, what actions must you perform in order to take your game to the next level?
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    Shot Clock Idea

    In chess tournaments, you have a given amount of time for the entire game, instead of per shot. After you make your move, you hit your clock and your opponent's time starts. If you run out of time, you lose. I wonder if this type of shot clock could be used for reducing slow play, without...
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    Bullseye Billiards Instructional Game

    Hi, I just wanted to let all you know about a game I created for helping learn pool and billiards. It's called Bullseye Billiards and is available for order starting today at I hope you like it! P.S. I am aware that the "target pool" concept is not new, but this is...
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    Target Pool is Back (Kind of)

    Practice Cue Ball Positioning by Playing a Game (like Target Pool) I'd like to announce that I have created an instructional game similar to Target Pool, but quite different and IMO much better. It's called Bullseye Billiards, and here is a short video that describes it...
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    Want to review a new book before it's published?

    I am writing a billiards/pool instructional book that is targeted for players that want to have more fun when they do practice drills. If you would like to review my book before it is published, please submit a reply or PM me with the following information: -Your Name: -Years of Billiard/Pool...
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    Str8Shots Has Not Paid for CO State 8-Ball Championships

    Str8Shots (Marc and Kimberly Griffiths) ran the Colorado State 8-Ball Championships on May 16-18 in Pueblo, of which I took 2nd place with a prize of $980 that they have failed to pay me. Towards the end of the tournament, Marc stated that the 1st-4th place prize money had been stolen, but that...
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    Albuquerque, NM • October 20-21 • High-run • $3 per attempt

    The Albuquerque Billiards Club in Albuquerque, NM is proud to announce the Runout Challenge! This tournament will be a high-run format on October 20-21 with cash prizes awarded to the highest runs over the course of the weekend. For $3 you get: An open break of 15 balls Ball-in-hand after the...
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    Albuquerque, NM • May 19th & 20th • 8-Ball $40 Entry

    Entry is $40 ($5 goes to green fees) Double elimination on 7 foot valley tables Race to 5 on winners, race to 4 on one-loss VNEA rules apply, limited to 32 players Practice starts at 10 AM Registration ends at 11:30 AM Play begins at noon Located at the Albuquerque Billiards Club 2314...
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    League not following their own rules

    We recently had an incident where a team in our pool league requested to re-schedule a match, and the rules state that they are given 2 weeks to work with us and re-schedule or they forfeit. We gave them 3 different days within the 2 weeks that we could play, but even with 4 substitutes on their...