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    $~$~$~$ KEITH KUSTOM KUE $~$~$~$ Ebony Hondarn Rose Wood Burl, American Holly, Turquo

    Ebony Hondarn Rose Wood Burl, American Holly, Turquoise, with Monitor Lizard Wrap. 18.5 oz. 2 shafts @ 12.5 mm 59.5" long sib m tip $3500 O.B.O. + shipping & fees (Or can send money as friend.)
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    *-*-*genuine ringtail lizard wraps*-*-*

    I have several options inbound. I should have them all delivered in about a week, so turn around time for delivery is about 2 weeks out. Genuine Ringtail Lizzard- highly figured natural rings. Size of wraps 13.8"x 4.8" They already thinned to 0.6mm. I have several options, and will verify...
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    TWO cue balls signed by SVB Won these at a charity event last weekend. I don't need them. $15 starting bid, and they're both aramith cue...
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    Hate doing this, but I need help.

    So I had this set about maybe 2-3 months tops. I designed it, Keith built it. I didn't really intend to play a bunch with them, but I loved them none the less. A then friend of Keith and mine, Josh Prestegard saw it, loved it, and said he wanted it for his wife. I thought at the time, this...
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    Ratings and/or numbers for The Hustlers

    Does anyone know how the show is doing for ratings? or how many people are watching it? Thanks,
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    Darren Appleton's post on FB about the pro division at SBE

    I thought it was an interesting point of view, and I'd like to find the link to his FB page. The quick highlight was that in a field of 64 players, only maybe half were what he would consider to be pro. He had complaint with the pay outs, and thought of the entire event as more of an industry...
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    Dymond wood ~

    I'm interested in any dymond wood, but I specifically NEED red white blue. please help. thanks,
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    Dymond wood

    I need a red/white/blue blank. does anyone have one they will part ways with? thanks,
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    WBC Champion Case for Pacman

    World class case for a world class customer! Thanks for your business Manny!
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    package deals for sale.

    Green cue comes with three shafts and black bag. $2600. O.b.o. Red one has 4 shafts and is $2800 o.b.o. no trades. COA will be updated for extra shafts. For more detailed pics check out Keith hanssen cues face book page.
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    Ebony and birds eye maple cue. $1500

    She's a bute clark. Two shafts, about 18 oz. Or so. Email me for more info if you'd like. No trades, thanks.
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    New Case to match car.

    Posting this for Maik. She's a beauty!
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    I haven't posted for a while. I'll leave a little treat here...

    I'm all about that bass, no treble....
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    What kind of REAL career opportunities are there in the billiard industry.

    I have a passion for billiards, and would love to work in the industry. That being said what REAL opportunities are there for a person to make $40k give or take? I couldn't really think of one in my geographical area, but nationally there has to be something for a person with a deep passion...
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    Need Player ID, this guy is asking for the wild 5 and the breaks!

    Little fella robbed me blind before we even started. Cleaned me out of my cereal and chips!!!!