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    Cohen 360

    I don't have much reason to try and collect high end cues any more; just lost the bug I guess. When I pulled it out to take pictures I found out it picked up a little but of a wobble which is in a video in the attached album. I realize this will affect the price and am willing to talk. Original...
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    Predator 4x8 butterfly case

    item is sold
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    JB Oversize Case

    item sold.
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    Tony Layne Jump/Break

    I bought this recently and decided that it is too heavy for me to use due to issues with my shoulder. There are some condition issues as shown in the pictures. The major issue is a small chip in the main joint which Tony has said he can turn down to get rid of and realign the veneers when he...
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    Let's See Your Fullsplice Cues!!

    Here are my current cues, both full spliced. The cue on the left is from Darren Hill and is my regular player. The one on the right is a Cohen that I only use at the house. I included a close up of the points on the Cohen so you can see just how tight they are. I was also wondering if anyone...
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    More Accu-stat Bundles

    Here are some other sets that I have. Price is the same as for the other thread; $5 per DVD and $5 shipping per tournament. Each set will be sent in a box of some sort. Here is the list with final prices: US Open 9-ball final day matches 2012-6 - (16) $85 This includes an additional match...
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    Billiards related Limited Edition print

    I have an unusual piece of art created by Arnold Friberg who is renowned for his western scenes. It is called 'A Gentleman's Foursome' and features two men playing some form of balk-line while saddled on horses. I have had this for a long time sitting in my closet and have no plans to hang it as...
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    Accu-stat One Pocket bundles

    SOLD Clearing out old one pocket matches that I don't plan to watch anymore. Selling as sets only. Prices are $5 per DVD plus $5 shipping per set. Will mail in padded envelopes. Bigger sets might come in multiple packages. 2103 Southern Classic One Pocket - (8) - $45 2014 Derby City Classic...
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    Case for your case

    This is a case for protecting your cue case when travelling. Want $30 which includes shipping costs.
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    Predator Blak 3x5 Vinyl Case

    Used this case for a couple of years so it has some wear, but nothing major. Had to switch to a lighter case as this is a tank and gets a little heavy if you are carrying it around for most of the day between matches. Sold
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    SMS, encylcopedia of pool hustlers, etc...

    Have the following books for sale: Shots, Moves and Strategies by Eddie Robin - SOLD Corners on binding are a little rounded, but pages are mint and unbent. One Pocket: A Game of Controlled Agression by Tom Wirth - $40 Encyclopedia of Pool Husters by Freddy Bentivigna - $40 This is the hard...
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    $50 including shipping. First PM gets it.
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    Question about room size

    I am in the process of looking for a new house and have a question about the size requirements for a 9' table. I know that the recommendation is no smaller than 18'x14' for a full length cue, but all of the houses that my wife and I see that we would like to buy only have rooms that are 13'...
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    EzBridge cue bridge

    I have a bridge head that I bought for $70 at SBE a few years ago and want to sell it now for $30. The post separates from the base and can be held in your hand as an aid when jumping. The piece you slip over your cue is on a ball joint and rotates in all directions. The high post is called...
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    OB Break cue

    i have a used OB break cue. I bought this at SBE the year they debuted and they go for around $350 new. this cue has a developed a slight bend at the joint that the OB vendor said was a facing problem that is easily correctable, but the cue still hits a ton so I have not done that. Due to the...