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    Perception of Pool Players

    Does anybody know where I can find the four box characterization of the perception of a pool player through the eyes of friends,family,the public and finally "what I actually do"? I have seen it floating around occasionally in a thread or two. Thanks for any info.
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    Individual posts to print?

    Tech challenged.How do I isolate individual post frames so I can print.I want to print some of the home room pictures and blue print dimensions. Thanks for any help.
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    Shane wins White Diamonds

    Tough tournament,Shane just keeps wining and building confidence.Way to go Shane!
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    Thread with pool table pictures from around the world?

    I can't find nor do I know the name of the thread with the pictures of tables from all the corners of the Earth. It is a thread that brings a smile to my face and makes some of my cynicism for the game go away. Does anybody know the name of this thread or have a link. Thanks in advance.
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    Mosconi Cup start time

    Does anybody know what time Mosconi Cup starts,LasVegas local time?
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    Did anyone keep day one break stats for SVB vs Earl

    Just wondering how the breaking puzzle will be solved. Thanks
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    SVB's Aunt on the hill

    Shane's Aunt,Gari Jo Bloomberg,is on the hill in the women's masters BCPL.
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    Private messages

    Is there any way to retrieve an unfinished pm after the refresh button is accidentally pushed before sending.
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    Effective camera usage

    What is the most effective way or process to utilize my new video camera with my laptop in rebuilding my pool playing foundation?Considering the capabilities of my equipment,apparently nothing in real time is possible.For starters I my have to revert to a mirror.I have to drive 45 miles to a...
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    Do Nick Varner or Buddy Hall teach?

    If they are currently active can anyone provide contact information or their location.I've been looking at their distribution outlets,there information seems sale focused.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks
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    Camera and Laptop Questions

    Is it possible to record using two cameras working in tandem,showing two angles.One with bridges,head position and the results of a shot,and another angle showing stance,body movement and balance.Can the two cameras record,synchronize and display with a split screen on a laptop. I'm...
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    Svb live now

    Link is here.[URL=""]
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    Some may find this interesting I hope this links properly.
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    TAR ppv-Hatch-Appleton

    Third day just starting.