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    The PAUSE in pool stroke

    While Kristina Tkach's pause after taking cue back and returning to cue ball may be on the extreme side, how does someone practice "something" to embed the pause in their delivery system. Despite practicing pausing, when playing I rush the takeaway and return. Seems so simple, but in my case...
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    Joe Porper Big Shaver Pool/Billiards Cue Stick Tip Tool Trimmer/Shaper vs. Willard Tipping Machine

    Which should I get .... for my own use and maybe I will do some friend's tips. There are few used Willard's around for +/- $300 and the Porpor is $100 +/-. Thanking you in advance for your sage advice.
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    Willard Tipper-Trimmer

    Anyone have one at a reasonable price? THX ...
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    PPV-8th Annual Big Tyme Classic-JUNE 10-13TH , 2021

    What were the results and payout? Thanks, it was great watching.
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    The incomparable Brunswick Centennial

    How much?
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    Super dealer

    Great transaction!!! If you are looking for reasonable prices on quality cues, DVDs and billiard accessories contact Mark at www.pooltablemagic. You will also note he has a really nice billiards bar and restaurant in Windsor Locks, CT. Was in search of the Nick Varner series (posted on Wanted...
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    When is it ok to cancel a custom cue - already paid half price

    You made the right decision to pay for the two cues!
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    Nick Varner DVD series, plus books

    Anyone have them - preowned? Send me a note:
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    Want to fly some pros out to play on this stream and give lessons. Please help?

    Do you have an email to correspond?
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    Seller info

    Since I made this inquiry and included 'seller' info he decided not to continue contact. Thanks to all for all the great advice.
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    Henshaw jump cue options

    Correction ... Hanshew!!!
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    Henshaw jump cue options

    Henshaw appears to be the preferred jumper for better players. Couldn't find prices?? Are there any other options in the same quality and performance class?? Currently have several break/jump combo cues, but in the market. Then, will need to have someone to teach me to "shoot" the thing :)...
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    Drill Instructor series WTT or buy - Redux

    Someone must have a preowned set?? Have some good DVDs to trade or will buy. Thank you!!! Send me note at