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    Cue Extensions

    Mid cue if you are tall and need it all the time. Butt extension if you just want extra reach for long shots
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    electric heater power/wattage recommendations for my garage?

    I have a King Electric heater in my garage and it does well in a cold climate. They have several options to choose from. Made in USA, eh.
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    Molina Mike?

    Michael Ortiz is Molina Mike. This spring he handled the transaction between myself and James Hanshew when I purchased a jump cue.
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    Wasted chalk?

    You can also take it outside and rub it on the concrete a few times.
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    PPV-$25,000 Added 48th Annual Tx Open (9 Ball - One Pocket) Aug. 23-29th, 2021

    I Did Sky finally cut his hair or is this an old picture??
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    48th Annual Texas Open 9 Ball championships. Skinny Bob's Billiards Round Rock, Texas. August 23-29th, 2021

    Contact him. I ordered one this spring and waited and waited. Finally I messaged him in June. Mike Ortiz responded back claiming that they had emailed me a month earlier and i didn't respond. They sent me an envoice and I made final payment and they got it to me in a few days.
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    Mezz Air Drive II vs Cuetec Propel

    BS. My 12.9 Revo plays better than any maple shaft I've used. I can move the cueball with less effort and make balls with more accuracy. Never going back.
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    Crazy amount of practice

    Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant were famously workaholics as well.
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    Need help cleaning my balls

    I have Aramith and Chem Pak cleaner and both work well. Chem Pak leaves the balls more slippery, almost too much. After a couple racks they settle down though.
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    Billiards in the Olympics instead of

    Billiards would be a miserable failure as an Olympic sport. They would never put it on TV and if they did nobody would watch it.
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    Let's talk chalk

    Masters. Its cheap and it works as well as anything as long as your stroke is decent
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    Sold MEZZ " IGNITE " CARBON FIBER SHAFT *** 5/16 14 *** JOINT

    Is it a Mezz united joint or regular 5/16-14? Have you tried it on a Joss or other non Mezz butt?
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    PPV: Shane Van Boening vs. Sky Woodward, race to 150, King of The Bar Box

    The stream isn't working for me. Anyone else??
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    If you could have any Cue in the World? What would your dream Cue be?

    I've always hated that movie.