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    Do any pro players have youtube channels?

    Neils Feijen has my favorite channel. Darren's channel is all about drills, very good. Karl Boyes is ok.
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    48th Annual Texas Open 9 Ball championships. Skinny Bob's Billiards Round Rock, Texas. August 23-29th, 2021

    Is James Hanshew down there? I'm still waiting for my jump cue!
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    Do I need a dehumidifier?

    Check out mini split air conditioners if the room is not in a basement. My pool table is in my basement and I have three vents that I keep wide open and a return vent that helps recirculate the AC.
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    Table / room size

    I would get a 7ft barbox and use normal cues. That is just my preference
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    Wanted- Leather pockets for Olhausen table.

    I decided to repair them myself. I purchased a curved upholstery needle and brown nylon thread and hand stitched it back together. I'm getting cheap in my old age.. :)
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    Difference between carbon fiber break shaft and playing shaft?

    Would my Revo 12.9 be the same as BK Rush shaft or are there other differences besides the tip? I have a Mezz break cue with maple shaft but it does not break as well as the BK I used to own. I've contemplated having a carbon fiber shaft made for it with a Samsara tip.
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    Wanted- Leather pockets for Olhausen table.

    Two of my corner pockets are torn, I need to get them replaced.
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    Pro players' "other" jobs

    Mitch Ellerman is an electrician
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    Dennis vs Sky.

    This one
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    Dennis vs Sky.

    I'll check it out. A lot of tournaments and match ups use it so it can't be too terrible. I may have to modify it if it really sucks. Edit: or maybe they've improved it?
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    Dennis vs Sky.

    I saw Outsville was one of the sponsors so I went to their website. They have the Accu-Rack template for sale in red color for a limited time so I ordered one. I've been wanting to try it out
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    How do these guys get their shoulder behind their head?

    Check out this youtube video if you haven't seen it already. This coach talks a lot about aiming and alignment with the head, shoulder, elbow with examples of several pros. link
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    What's the closet Minwax stain color to match GC2 skirts?

    Close should be good enough that nobody will notice but I would definitely stain a scrap piece of wood to test and compare.
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    Placement Pool Challenge (PPC 100)

    I tried the first ten layouts. It definitely showed me my strengths and weaknesses in my positional play.
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    Good spectator chair

    I have a Brusnwick as well. Inlaws bought it for me for xmas and drove three states away to pick it up.