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    Sold 7ft diamond

    7ft diamond coin op very good condition just recoverd last winter.located in southern Ohio 3000 firm message for picsblue label one piece slate
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    Radial keilwood

    Looking for a radial pin keilwood
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    30in predator radial pin

    Looking for a 30" predator radial pin
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    Schon cue info

    Looking for any info on this schon cue thanks
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    Les Blevins Merry widow

    Cue is in good shape it's been played with though. I don't have a set of calipers but I'm guessing both shafts to be around 12.5-12.75mm and 19 oz I can get exact specs if need be you can text 937-779-0997 or email or pm for pics I can't get them to upload asking sold sold
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    Custom sneaky wanted

    Looking for a custom sneaky 500 or under
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    3/8-11 butt

    Looking for a 3/8-11 butt 100 -200 dollar range
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    3/8-11 OB shaft

    Looking for a 3/8-11 OB shaft
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    Jb rugged

    Looking for a jb case 2x4
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    Sneaky reasonably priced

    Looking for a reasonably priced sneaky im not looking for a 700 dollar sneaky shoot me a pm or text 937-779-0997
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    Diveney Sneaky

    Looking for a Diveney sneaky shoot me a pm
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    Bluegrass Titlist conversion

    162775888362 is the item number on eBay thanks any questions just ask no reserve
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    Chris Drew titlist

    Cue is used but in nice shape it has a few dings but nothing major 2 shafts one is 12.5mm the other is 12.7 one has a slight roll joint and hoppe ring are ivory cue weighs 19 oz 58"asking SOLD SOLD
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    Drew titlist conversion for trade

    Drew titlist conversion for trade or sale Cue is in pretty good shape has a couple dings in the butt it is 19oz 2 shafts 12.5mm and 12.7mm one shafts has a slight roll other is straight ivory joint and hoppe ring phenolic joint and butt with sterling silver rings I'm really interested in...
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    Sly ebony sneaky and predator shaft

    Nice Sly sneaky 19oz and 12.75mm the sly shaft has a wobble the predator shaft is straight both shafts have bluing and med kamui tips the butt is in good condition the predator shaft is slightly bigger at joint I'm not sure how much but you can feel a slight difference I'm not sure what the...