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    Tortola format for a pool tournament.

    Seems interesting to try to help so that some of the lower level players have better chance at cashing $$ which could grow the number of total entries and benefit everyone in both tier 1 and tier 2. I am not a numbers person so curious if looking at this at an odds perceptive how much this helps...
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    Question about a Bob Frey cue

    One of the old Bob Frey cues I use to have needed new bumper and after researching I found only replacement was the Joss bumper sold on their site (something about Joss getting exclusive from the rubber manufacturer and Bob having to change to different thread on newer cues). Not saying that...
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    I'm searching for a "masse" cue. Do anyone of you know the best out there?
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    Fargo BR TR WZ

    If I remember correctly WinZip (win on the break, 8 or 9 on the break shot)
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    Savannah - Places to Play

    I was there month or so ago and seems all the bar boxes down near the river were in very poor shape. Will need to find a pool hall somewhere futher away from the river for a decent table. I was hoping that 80's bar that had about 8 tables would be good but no also went another 2 places same...
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    What is the oldest item in your case ?

    old Brunswick token I occasionally use for marking under the rail or flipping for break
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    Fargo BR TR WZ

    I noticed the BCA leauge I play in only marks wins losses not BR, TR, WZ. I see BR, TR, WZ listed in Fargo app so does break run, table run, 9 break make any difference in Fargo ratings or is it only win loss?
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    Cleaning the cue ball while out at the hall

    I only use aramith cleaner or right now I have chem pak ball cleaner no home remide stuff we dont need go down that rabbit hole
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    Cleaning the cue ball while out at the hall

    I shoot pool at home on Diamond pro-am and at the hall on gold crowns. At home I try to keep the pool balls clean but probably don’t throw them in the bucket cleaner quite often enough. I do notice the game get easier after I clean them and not just talking about for first 5 games or so when the...
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    Mezz ex pro vs sigma

    I don't have the sigma but I do have the ex pro, HPII and Ignite. HPII is pro taper and just feels better/more normal than the expro. The difference is very minor but noticeable. The ex pro is not conical but feels like it gets fatter quicker. I assume the sigma replaces the HPII now? You can...
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    What Non Traditional / Alternative Games and Sets Do You Enjoy and Play?

    > 29 Color Set: EVERYONE should own as many of these as they can get their hands on just because you can make up so many games and mix and match them with other sets. I have 3. I got them from Chuck Jones here on the forum and he is a true advocate of the game and great to do business with. I...
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    Perma-Rack Setup and Initial Impressions

    Thanks just ordered this to give it a try
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    Mosconi Cup 2021 Day 1 Updates

    thanks for the link
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    Lessons Brevard County Florida

    Didn't see any online nearby anyone know a local instructor or one willing to travel to Brevard County Florida area. Need a reset both physically and mental game.