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    changing belt on a Deluxe

    My belt just broke this AM. What I'm wondering is how far do I have to tear this thing down. I looked online and did a search on here but drew a blank. I'm sure it's a simple fix but I just don't want to screw something up.
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    Sorry guys I was seeing if I could link my pictures of my cues from Facebook.
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    New motor

    Can anyone tell me if this motor has enough power for my hightower lathe? Thanks in advance.
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    Paint remover.

    I'm looking for the best and easiest to use paint stripper or remover. I bought and old cue rack that someone painted bright orange. I'm sure someone on here can point me in the right direction
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    Big thank you Real King Cobra

    Glen, I just want to say thanks on here for the great job you did on my Diamond table. It's flawless. It took a little longer for you to get here and a little long then I thought it would for you to get it done. But it was well worth the wait on both counts. My brother and I both enjoyed talking...
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    Looking for advice.

    I bought a used Hightower Deluxe. I'm just starting to try and turn down a couple of old shafts to practice on and check out what kind of tapper the bar is set at. The thing is I'm getting some pretty nasty chatter marks in the shafts I've tried taking smaller cuts but it doesn't seem to make...
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    Which one or both?

    I've got a question for you cue builders. I live in the middle of Iowa so it gets real humid at times. I just bought a used Hightower Deluxe and right now the only place I have to set it up is in my basement. In the winter I run a wood furnace down there so the air stays pretty dry but this time...
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    Maple shafts from bowling alley wood

    I know there was a few cue makers who turned down some of these. I was wondering how they worked out. I have a chance to get some wood from an old alley and I'm curious is it worth messing with? Thanks in advance for any input. JUSTABANGER
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    A new phone app for banking is it cheating?

    The guy that is selling this and I have been having a discussion on Facebook. About rather this would be cheating or not to use in a tournament match. He thinks it's just a teaching tool that could be used as a coach during play. I think if you used this to help you make a hit on a ball that you...
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    Andy Gilbert

    I have a Andy Gilbert cue a want another shaft from him anyone have his number. If so could you please PM me with it. Thanks.
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    Question about Gilbert conversion titlist

    I have a chance to buy a one but it's not signed. The guy that owns it says Gilbert doesn't sign cues that he doesn't build the forearms for. That may well be the case. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
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    Thank you. REAL KING COBRA

    I sent him a PM with a question about quieting down my old Diamond table. He replied with his phone number and just said call me. Well he spent a half hour walking me though what it would take to do it right. I have to say it was a real pleasure talking to someone that know so much about working...
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    Question about an older OB shaft

    I bought an used OB shaft a couple of years ago along with a couple of Predator shafts. The tip was off so I just left it in my case till a couple of months ago. I finally got around to cleaning it up and replacing the tip and I must say I love the way it plays. The only thing that bother me was...
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    Need new rail rubber and cloth.

    I looking to buy new rail rubber and Simonis cloth for a old Valley 8 footer. I'm hoping for some input as to which Simonis cloth and what rubber to buy. Or maybe the name of a supplier that can help me. Thanks guys
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    anyone know if Diamond ever came out with new pockets

    Well after years of wishing and dreaming I finally upgraded to a 9 foot Diamond pro cut table. As far as a playing table it's great. There are two thing that I hope to get fixed in the near future. The first is how loud it is when you pocket a ball. That will be an easy fix when we tear it down...