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    Looking for a Samsara cue with the swirl inlays in the butt. PayPal ready. Pm or text me. 435-650-3362.
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    Aramith Super Pros F/T

    Set of mint Aramith Super Pro balls for trade only. Looking for a comparable condition set of Brunswick Centennials or Aramith Super Pro TV set. May consider other trades as well. Sorry for the poor phone pics. Traded
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    Wrapless cues

    A few wrapless
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    Fisher rails

    My friend has a fisher table we tore apart. The rails have some material added on face of the rails. I assume someone was trying to tighten the pockets. I don't think it was originally like this. Can anyone enlighten me?
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    Schon R1 F/T

    No Longer available.
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    WTT Aramith Super Pro balls NIB

    Traded. Thanks.
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    Anniversary Pick Up

    Picked up this table today out of a dusty old basement. It is a 8' Anniversary. I believe the slate is basically unusable, as it is cracked in multiple places. The metal leg bands are missing as well. Looking for advice on what to do with it. I thought about possibly trying to restore it or...
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    Preadator BK

    Trade pending............
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    WTB cue for 300$ish

    Looking for a cue in the 250$-320$ range shipped to Utah. Will look at about anything. Will buy the right Schon butt only. Also look at Meucci, Joss, Dale Perry, Predator sneaky. If someone has 2 Dale Perry's for that price I may do that. PM me what you might have.
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    Turcasso Envelope Case

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    My Visit from Cuephoric

    Shane came by last week and did a setup for me on a Brunswick Arcade 9'. He did an outstanding job. He took his time and the table plays well. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a setup if he is in your vicinity.
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    Mcdaniel New to me

    Mcdaniel cue I picked up. I was thinking I would like to trade the cue initially, but I don't know now. It is an excellent cue. I thought I would share a few pics.
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    Wrapped to Wrapless

    Looking for opinions on having a cue with a linen wrap disassembled and having a wrapless birdseye section installed. Will the cue play well still and how labor intensive/expensive would a repair like this be? Anyone with any experience in this type of repair. Thanks.
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    Way to go Earl

    Awesome match. Exceptional play on both sides. One of the best matches I have ever seen. Congrats to both.
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    New to me Coker cue. I like it and the cue is well built. It plays quite well also. Macassar Ebony and Thuya Burl points.