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    Sold Judd Fuller jt1

    Up for sale 2010 Judd Fuller jt1 58.5" 19oz. 1 shaft 11.2mm medium ultraskin tip. Very Good condition. Asking 900.
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    Sold McDermott defy shaft

    McDermott defy shaft. Very good condition, it's the 13mm, 29in, 3/8-10, sib tip. Asking 255 shipped. Any questions, interest let me know.
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    What Brunswick table is this?

    Can someone please tell me what model this table is? I think this was made in the 70s. I know it's not a VIP or a Montclair, but it really reminds me of one. I will be seeing the table in person on Sunday, helping a friend of the wife move it. I am just really curious because I can find pictures...
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    Mueller jump break cue..

    Test hit Mueller j/b cue it's in like new condition. 18oz, quick release joint, 13.5mm shaft, and xtra hard tip, but if buyer wants I could change it a phenolic tip for a little bit more. Really nice solid shaft, I think pound for pound Mueller break cues are best bang for the buck. Any...
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    Universal smart shaft..

    Bill Stroud Universal smart shaft.. The Universal smart shaft was designed by Bill Stroud and has piezoelectric inside made by M.I.T that works very well at dampening vibration. It has a mason's micarta ferrule, a milkdud elkmaster, and it's about 12.4mm with a piloted 5/16-14 joint insert...
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    Ridgeback rails info...?

    I was looking for the Ridgeback rails website, looks like it's been taken down, are they still in business? I know you don't have to have a website to be in business but... I was looking because I couldn't remember what the warranty was on them, was it 10 years? Any help, digs or smart ass...
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    OB classic + 3/8 10 test hit only fs..

    Hey I have a perfect condition test hit only OB classic + 29" 3/8 10 with a triangle tip I modified and installed. Asking sold... Thanks.
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    Need a coin mech for a valley cougar zd8...

    So my wife is the night manager at a bar and the slide broke on the coin mech. I was hoping one of you great mechanics maybe have one they could give me a really good deal on or at least point me in the best direction. Thanks -Patrick.
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    Wanted: small section of g10 to make a 14mm jump tip

    A friend got a old jump cue with a foot long shaft that needs a tip. The little shaft is lumber at 14mm at the ferrule with a straight taper. If anybody has a small section thats a wide enough diameter I could buy from them to make this tip I would appreciate it.
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    Samsara true LD shafts???

    Has anyone played with the new samsara true ld shafts? If so what is the hit like firm, soft, and how is the LD aspect. Any info really, would be appreciated.
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    Anybody make or have any milk dud lepro's for sale?

    I remembering hearing about someone soaking and pressing lepro's and I would love to try some out. If anybody has some or or knows about them let me know...
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    Wtb: green g10 to make a few ferrules..

    I have a customer that wants me to put a g10 tip ferrule on his jump cue which I have none. So I hoping someone would be kind enough to sell me 6"- 1', a few tip/ferrules. I would really appreciate it I live in a small town and in the 2 years I've been doing repairs this is the first I've been...
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    8 ball break pot..?

    Hey, my wife manages a little bar and wants to get more people interested in the 8 ball tournements. They are on Tuesday and Friday. I suggested and 8ball break pot, but when she asked how to start one I realized I don't really remember. From what I recall it's ran kinda like a drawing... would...
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    Ridgeback rails....?

    Hey guys, I am helping my local bar get there tables redone and have been pointed to and considering standard ridgeback rails for the 8ft valley. Best case would be rails that play good and keep the coins flowing would the standard ridgebacks be the right choice for that? All the reviews I have...
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    Ridgeback rails....?

    Double post....