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    Paul Sumrall Cue

    I don't play much anymore but saw a Sumrall cue that looked great and I had one of his cues that hit great. I bought and traded for this cue that is full splice ebony into beautiful birdseye maple with two shafts. Other than wanting to get a white butt cap to go with the ivory joint I really...
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    map cabinets

    I know of several cue makers that like the map cabinets to lay stuff in. Wanted to let you know if you go to and then click on city of Houston they have three different set for sale. The auction ends tonight and right now they are from 30.00-60.00 on the price. Just wanted to...
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    old westinghouse paper base micarta

    This is the same stuff that I sold on here last year. I knew I had some in the barn from years past and after our home burned down and we moved I have been going thru boxes to consolidate stuff as I could. I found a piece of the old micarta from the early 70's same as I sold before. I will make...
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    For anyone around the College Station area. There is a good size lathe on auction at Texas A & M you can get to the site by going to They handle a lot of auction for surplus and schools around the state. Normally there is a lot of stuff you could use in you shop. I got...
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    home and cues

    I wanted to let the ones that I have dealing with know that there is no more of the old westinghouse micarta left for ferrules and joints. I had a couple of blocks left but our home and all burned down on sat and it is all burned up. I will have several cues that I had taken to the pool hall on...
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    New Orleans Jazz Piano player

    I was just watching 60 minutes and there was a story about a Jazz player from there. In the story he mentioned a jazz piano player and said he was a pool shark on the side. I did not catch the name, and this would have been someone from the past maybe 20 years or so. Just wondering if anyone...
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    Buckhorn, butts, joints & ferrules

    In the for sale section I have listed 13 nice buckhorn pieces some turned some not. Take a look Thanks Percy/knifemaker SOLD SOLD
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    Buckhorn, butts, joints & ferrules

    Here is 13 pieces of buckhorn, 2 butts turned & 2 unturned, 2 turned joints and 1 unturned and 6 ferrules, all over 1.200 long, 1 is over 1 3/8 long You can see the sizes on the butts and the joints are over 1 inch dia and the ferrules are all over 14.5 MM All of these for $ 140.00 Paypal I...
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    great player review

    I received a cue from Sung Kang out of Oklahoma the other day. It has an ebony front with ebony rear with birds eye maple handle all natural weighted. Ivory ferrule with a 12.9mm shaft. Weight is 19 oz This cue is a solid hitting cue with good report back to my hand. It moves the ball as good as...
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    old yellow paper base westinghouse micarta

    I have 14 more ferrules for sale. They are all 14+MM and over 1 inch long Solid round rod no hole. They are 25.00 each or all for 20.00 each I pay shipping and paypal. My paypal is These can ship on monday priority mail. Thanks Percy/Knifemaker 936-288-1690
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    buck horn ferrule & joints

    If anyone would like to try the buck horn Joints and ferrule I have a set here for a good price. 3 joints 1 ferrule and 2 other pices to make joints. The ferrule is 14.7mm the small joint is .880 Total $50.00 I pay shipping in US and paypal fees. Paypal is or...
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    buck horn joints

    I have two buck horn joints turned and two that are unturned The turns one are .926 diameter X 1.327 long and 1.135 diameter X 1.387 long two unturned are 1.300 diameter X 1.566 long 1.300 diameter X 1.587 long The...
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    old yellow base micarta ferrules

    I have some more cut and turned. They are 20.00 each I will pay shipping in the US and paypal charges. Buy 5 or more and they are 15.00 each. Any bought this weekend will be mailed out on monday priority mail and I will send you the tracking # I have 12 available. Percy/Knifemaker paypal is...
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    better deal on micarta ferrules

    Through the week end I have 25 of the old yellow paper base micarta ferrules that I will sell for 15.00 dollars each. If you buy 5 or more I will pay shipping and paypal fees. under 5 add 5.00 total for shipping. paypal 936-288-1690
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    WTT Micarta ferrules for drive pins

    I want to trade some old yellow paper base micarta ferrules for some drive pins for sanding shafts. 3/8-10, 5/16-14, 5/16-18. Also would like to have a cupped live center. Let me know what you have and I will make it a good deal for you. Thanks Percy/Knifemaker