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    Dallas West old school 14.1

    Couldn't agree more. Although, maybe one reason today's players pocket balls better is that they have access to more and better information faster than players of the past. With the internet people have been able to share information cheaply and quickly--and not just about pool, but also about...
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    St Louis Area Supplies

    I would say so. Jim retired a long time ago. Josh Treadway took over his operation. Also, I have heard about a thing called the internet. kollegedave
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    Could a B player run 100 balls on the world record table?

    Sorry bud, you had so many good points, it is hard to remember them all. My post started with the idea that I think you undervalue the runs on your table and then I got carried away. We agree though, both John's run and Jayson's are worthy of high praise. I guess I also meant to write (but...
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    what are the biggest spots you've seen/heard of given?

    Back when Cliff Joyner was in his prime, he spent a few months in the pool hall I played in. He gave very strong local players 11-6, or 12-6, and I think he got there more than he didn't. He might have shot an air-barrel or two, so that might of helped, but it was unbelievable to watch him on...
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    Could a B player run 100 balls on the world record table?

    I would respectfully suggest that 100 ball run on your table would equate to a 200 ball run on a soft table. Additionally, one thing I don't see a lot of people talking about is the mental toll one might have on a tight vs. soft table. It is not just that pocketing is easier, or that pockets...
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    Pool Knowledge: What's the last thing you learned?

    For longer than I want to admit, I resisted the notion that smooth transitions in your stroke are essential to high level play. When COVID hit, I decided to spend some time on improving my cue action. I am now convinced that if there is any secret sauce to high level pool, it lies in a...
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    YOUR greatest shot ever.....

    This was another shot that came to mind, and again, it is a bit situational. In this match, I am gambling by the game in one pocket with one of the better players in my area, and he is giving me 8/7. I am down a game or two, and he needs one to win the game, and he has it in the jaws of his...
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    YOUR greatest shot ever.....

    I am not sure if this is the absolute best shot, but it comes to mind because of the situation. I drew a decent player in round one of the Derby City One Pocket several years ago. In some respects, it was a soft draw as I avoided the champions, but in another respect it was a tough draw in...
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    "Gold Crown" Ball Polisher

    Very impressive. I am looking forward to more pictures.
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    How do you guys handle the loud music at pool halls?

    I prefer any music when the other option is hearing stupid conversations from the table next to me. I also read once that the part of our brain that we use to play pool is distracted easily with language, and I have always viewed this as true for me. So again, I think listening to morons flap...
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    2022 Derby City Pool Balls

    Does anyone know what pool balls (especially cue ball) will be used this year at the DCC? Thank you in advance, Kollegedave
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    Back swing - pause/no pause is focusing on the wrong area of the stroke!

    Tin Man, You are right about the forward my view. One thing that might be causing some of the angst in this thread with "Pausers" and "slow-back-strokers", is that both of those techniques, or one of those techniques, may have really helped some people here in sparking...
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    Swing speed regulation and tip accuracy

    I will be working on this tonight. I always appreciate your posts Tin Man.
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    How to overcome fear of a certain type of shot

    I think visualization can work for people who are enthusiastic about it. However, I am skeptical that the road to less scary scary shots doesn't involve significant practice. Most of us have a limited amount of practice time, so this means that people should give some thought to how they will...