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    Ocean State results

    Any info on the results from over the weekend? Unless I missed it I didn't see anything posted. Thanks
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    Revo 12.4 Uniloc FS

    Not looking to make money on it, just bought one to try out and turns out it's not for me. Light use, still have the wipes and the velvet sleeve it came with. Sorry for no pics, I am at work, but I can either upload later or send upon request. $499 plus shipping - firm I also had a mid...
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    Wanted - Uni-Loc Break shaft

    Looking for a break shaft with Uni-Loc joint. Will buy or trade for existing 5/16x14 shafts. I have a 314-3, Universal Smart Shaft RS, and an OB Classic Thanks, Koop
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    Milk dud tips from pooldawg8

    Just had to give a shout out to Jeff for these tips. Was able to get Mike Webb to install them for me yesterday and played last night with them. All I can say is, I have finally found the tip I have been looking. No break in required, these played exactly how I was hoping from the first shot...
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    Predator 314-3

    I just picked one up off of Facebook from Chris England and I can honestly say, this may be the best shaft I have ever owned. I used to hate Predator because they always felt way too light for me. This one comes in at 4.3 oz and I couldn't be happier. So, this is my two way endorsement of both...
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    2018 dates

    Are dates for 2018 published yet? Think I am heading back down next year and would like to get a jump on hotel reservations. Thanks, Koop
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    USAPL - FargoRate

    I just started playing USAPL last year and we just switched to FargoRate. Seems ok so far except I don't understand how they transferred players handicaps from the old system to the new. I'm not complaining about me because I'm probably about where I should be but we have players on my team that...
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    Morris - Kennedy

    Who won between Rodney and Tommy? I checked back on the scores and it was gone. Thanks
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    Brand New Mike Webb FS

    NFS.... Thanks
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    New Mike Webb cue

    My pictures won't do this cue justice but his point/veneer work is as good or better than anything I have ever seen. It also helps that he makes a cue plays even better than it looks. Koop
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    SBE back at Oaks?

    Just read on Jim's forum that it's going back to Oaks PA. Anyone else heard this? Maybe Allen Jr can chime in? Thanks, Koop
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    Light recommendations for home use

    I am in the process of building a home and will finally be able to fit my 9 foot pool table. Right now I am struggling with what light to buy. Based on friends and what I have read I should go with at least a 4 shade light since it's a 9. Not looking to break the bank but I don't mind spending...
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    1 Pocket

    Well, I met up with my good buddy easy-e last night for some all around. I started out good with 9 ball so we moved on to 1 pocket, which I think I have played a total of 5 times in my life. I have to say, it's a fun long as you're playing someone your own speed...LOL He kicked my ass...
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    Amateur Open results

    Since I'm at work and for some reason they feel as though the SBE site should be blocked, can anyone give me the results from the Amateur opens, both mens and womens? Thanks, Koop
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    Johnny Archer gone Rambo

    Ok, not really Johnny but how much does this look like him?