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    626 is it legit?

    In "The Hustler and the Champ", R.A. Dyer claims Willie was thinking of Greenleaf's 277 (pages 160-161). It's 'a minor point, really. johnnysd was talking about the unlikelihood of Schmidt running exactly 100 balls more than Mosconi and here we're talking about Mosconi and Crane running the...
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    626 is it legit?

    It definitely wasn't the only time. He ran 309, thinking it was a new record only to find out that Irving Crane had already posted a 309. I'm no expert, but I've read enough books about Mosconi to firmly believe that if someone had come out and run 575, he would have turned around and run 600...
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    What would you do?

    sorry, I misunderstood your question. The natural result of doing too many things at the same time. The short answer is that the rack isn't completely undisturbed. You can see the bottom row is a little messed up (seven is out of line) and I think the balls were looser than it looks in the...
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    What would you do?

    I just put my left/bridge hand near the 9-ball. It was a long bridge and I could really only hit the top of the cue ball, but it was do-able without touching the rack.
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    What would you do?

    well, I didn't leave the balls in place while I waited for an answer. I tried sending the 6 back down table while leaving the cue ball up table. I ended up leaving an easy shot on the 6. Taking into account my own ability I think the "thin the 11 and put the cueball on the long rail" option...
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    for what it's worth, I put the 1 and 5 at the corners for the opening break. I've never thought to do it after that (except maybe after 3 consecutive fouls)
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    What would you do?

    I don't think it was wired at all. I can't remember how I got the 13 loose but the rest of the stack is practically undisturbed. Assuming it _was_ wired, how would you shoot it? straight into the 11?
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    What would you do?

    I didn't think of that. It would have been a lot better than the 6-ball. Thanks!
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    2021 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Ran 18 today. My high run is only 20 which I did originally a few years ago then again this past Christmas. I also have a couple 17's this month so I'm feeling close to finally breaking that 20 mark.
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    What would you do?

    Hello, I've been using my time since I started working from (and barely leaving) my house to work on my game and try to improve my 14.1 especially. After things get back to normal, I want to find a regular 14.1 game with someone/somewhere even if it means trucking 90 minutes to Syracuse once a...
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    All new American Pro Tour! NBL - National Billiards League

    Excuse my ignorance (and I've been out of touch with the pool world for a while)... you said that winning amateurs are fully sponsored and that includes flights, hotels, uniforms & tour card. What's a tour card for? Is there a bigger "tour" than there used to be?
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    Will Team USA perform better than 2014?

    With the announcement that 3 of 5 spots on Team USA will be filled based on achievement, do you think Team USA will be better (that is, have a better record) than the 2014 team? Here's a thread about the announcment:
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    Turning Stone: Most surprising early round loss?

    I was surprised to see Mike Dechaine in the loser's bracket after the first round. This is the first I've heard of Erik Hjorleifson (the guy who beat him), anyone know anything about him?
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    Netflix is streaming The Hustler

    I was flipping through Netflix last night and saw that they are streaming The Hustler. I haven't seen it available before so thought I'd pass along the info.
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    Bringing pool to schools...

    Here's an interesting segment of the Ronnie O'Sullivan Show that looks at a program that introduces kids to snooker. A couple observations: 1) The small, portable tables. This is great. There's no reason that kids have to play on tournament...