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    3 cues and a case for sale..

    Hey everyone.. I have been quite inactive in the pool world for the past 2 years now. I thought I put up the last of my collection for sale and just keep a set in case I feel like playing :) Unfortunately only 10 pics can be added in 1 post. For those interested, I can also email them pics...
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    FS: Ebony/Ebony Kenny Murrell with Juma/Abalone inlays

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    Joey's Tribute to Z

    Just got this cue on 31.12.16. Love it! Curly purpleheart & Macassar ebony
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    AR blank converted by DZ!

    Here's a blank by Andrew converted by DZ I just received. Enjoy the pics! :D:D:D:D:D
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    Just got this from Kenny a week ago.

    Hey all, here's a 2015 KM just received. I installed the wrap myself on this cue
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    Some new toys!

    Here's a new cue I just received today! Not bad for a not so cuemaker hehe Hope you guys enjoy my phone pics :D:D
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    New to me sneaky!

    Bought this on my birthday last year. Had it refinished and got a new shaft. Enjoy the pictures :grin: The whole gang!
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    Show your lizard wraps...

    Just caught this behind my house today! 2x bigger than the last one I posted few years back. Sorry couldnt help it haha:grin: To make sure I dont break the rules, here..
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    Received a new toy yesterday...

    Just got this yesterday :D I think I don't need to say how good his cues play. Agree? Here are some pictures of the wrap seam.. Thanks for looking. And sorry for the crappy phone pictures.
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    Wtb wine colored full back genuine lizard wrap blank

    Hey all, I like to buy 2 pieces of full back genuine lizard wrap blank in wine color. The wrap blank have to be consistant and would prefer the thickness to be in between .021" to .026". The wraps will be shipped to Brunei Darussalam.
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    Just received my new cue case...

    I think most have seen my new case from Rusty's thread. Here are some more pictures I took with my cue. Here's my favorite. My everyday playing cue and new case :grin: Here's the tooling inside the lid. It is actually the design of my tattoo. If you look carefully, it is actually my...
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    New cue I just acquired...

    So next Tuesday 29th I turn 26 yrs old coincidentally I just received this cue today :D. So I like to treat this as an early birthday gift for me lol. I'm one of the lucky one who gets to own one of his last sneakies. I don't think I need to say who the maker is. I think most should know. He...
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    Some cues and cases I own currently..

    Here are the 3 cues that I currently have. It's not a big collection of monster cues but they're great players :thumbup: Forgive me if the pictures are blurry. All of them are taken with an Iphone:D
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    WTB Westing House micarta ferrule blank

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    WTB Blue genuine lizard wrap blank

    As the title, I'm looking to buy 2-3 Dark blue genuine lizard wraps in full backs. Thanks.