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    wild response from an e-bay seller.

    i bought a cue from this seller and had a bid on another. i asked if he had more and he responded he had another 6 cues. everytime i asked if the were straight, he was evasive. i finally said just answer the questions. he said i was nitpicking for asking and i told him he was evasive, his last...
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    abe rich cue 4 points and veneers?

    i bought this cue and another rich cue from a guy in florida quite a few years back. he said he bought them both directly from abe, and gave me a pic of abe holding the other cue. i know that abe did not make many cues with points and was wondering if anyone can verify that this one is...
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    hss cutters for sale, + lathe parts

    i have about 140 hss cutters for sale - there's a pic of them in the link below - all sizes, all shopes, small one large ones, fat ones, skinny ones. take them all for 50 cents a piece $70. total. i'll send flat rate priority mail, insured with delivery confirmation. at this price, you'll need...
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    lathe tools or scrap metal?

    i hope this is appropriate for this forum - i bought an atlas/craftsman metal lathe quite a few years ago because it was cheap. it came with all kinds of tooling and supplies. among the stuff is a pile of brass and aluminum cylinders - see pic below - is this anything useful to a metal worker...
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    f/s - scrimshawed cue ball 1990

    here's a cool scrimshawed cueball - not ivory - marked 1990 A.H. on a carved wooden stand for sale at $100.
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    merylane - your pm box is full

    tried to reply to your last pm, but box is full. let me know when you clear some space. sorry to everybody else
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    delta 14" metal/wood band saw p/u nj only see more details in the cue machinery thread.
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    delta 14" metal/wood band saw, p/u nj only

    i have a 14" delta band saw, built in 1951, some extra blades, everything good with the machine, plus some accessories. for sale and pick up in jersey city, nj only., but let me know if you're interested and we can talk. these were all made in the usa, cast iron and steel. lots more for sale,4"...
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    photo re-sizing link?

    my hard drive crashed a week or so back, so i'm busy getting back a lot of software i had loaded. a long time back, there was link posted here for resizing photos. after downloading, it was just a right click on the photo, and a resize option was displayed. i couldn't find it on a search. can...
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    twilight zone - "a game of pool"

    thursday 3:30 - 4:00 pm est sci-fi channel's twilight zone marathon. this will be about the 20th time i've seen this one over the years, but i'm looking forward to seeing it again. how many times have you guys seen it? anyone who hasn't seen it yet? happy new year!
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    meucci hof-5 cue -

    can someone help me out with some info on the meucci hof-5 cue? the one below is the white rose with the red dots up by the ferrule. does anyone know what year these were made? it's the same time they started producing the red dot shafts if that's any help. thanks in advance -
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    a quick note from larry

    please don't title a thread " a quick note from ..." and then write 1,000 words. it's very annoying.
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    fs - old brunswick 1x 2 hard case - nice there are a couple of pics on the thread above and one below - the buyer on this turned out to be a tirekicker - only he started a "wanted to buy" thread for the case, and then welched on the deal. it's $125. = $15. for shipping, etc. usps...
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    cue cases - not just for sticks anymore?

    what's up with the cue case market? seems like they fly off the for sale board lately. cue stick market's in a slump, so people are upgrading their cases to the high end? i see fellini,kelly, it's george and other great ones being sold here every day. me - i just bought a 2x4 leather instroke...
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    wtb - 3/8" x 10 flat faced joint shaft

    wtb - 3/8" x 10 shaft DONE THANKS UNCLE WALDO i need a shaft for an old cobra cue that is too nice to throw in the garbage. it's a 3/8" x 10 flat faced joint with a black collar (and has a thin strip of wood trim in the collar but not important). i don't know what they're selling these days...