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    Paul Mottey Cues

    I had the opportunity to hit with one. I was impressed by the feel of the cue's hit, the feel in the hand, and its appearance. If I were in the custom market, I'd certainly consider James White.
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    Ancient Kauri wood...

    First I've heard of kauri wood. I'd be interested to see a plain jane made from it.
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    Bring Back Hustling Culture

    Sorry, I wasn't talking about my family. I edited my post to clarify that. I'm not concerned about people putting a little money on a game to make it interesting, as long as it's reasonable use of recreational money.
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    Jeanette Lee’s Medical Condition Update: Official Statement

    That's such great news about Jeanette's remission. I'm sorry to hear about her spinal issues from the fall in the motor home, but it sounds like she's dealing with that too like the champ she is. She's in my prayers.
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    Color of Money Cue - 2022

    The "Balabushka" in TCOM was made by Joss. I was under the impression that the Joss N7 cue was a replica, based the webpage's description of it as "the same style cue we made for the 1986 classic movie 'The Color of Money.'" But now I understand "same style" doesn't mean exact replica in the...
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    Color of Money Cue - 2022

    Yeah, I liked the book more, but the movie was fun too. Nothing against Tom Cruise, but I wonder what John Turturro would have brought to the role of Vince. His talent seemed wasted on the role of Julian.
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    O'Neil Cue Cases

    Is anybody else making similar cases?
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    You can take lessons from the best pro ..

    The distinction between great player and great teacher was my first reaction too. I'm sure Fran Crimi would be an outstanding instructor. As for pro players, I'm guessing Allison Fisher, Karen Corr, and Nick Varner are strong teachers.
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    Color of Money Cue - 2022

    I don't see enough difference between this one and the standard N7 to pay the extra $1,100+.
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    Bring Back Hustling Culture

    The glamorization of hustling versus the reality is similar to that of the mafia. The movies give it a veneer of class and humor. In the real world, most people would be shocked by the depravity of it. Even when talking about above-the-table money games, there's still the problem of gambling...
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    One complaint I don't care for

    I'd interpret it as the person venting about not having a shot, not that they're blaming me for wrongdoing against them. If the person made it clear that they were actually blaming me for something like that, it would be our last game.
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    SBE 2022 | Are You Going??

    What time does the exhibition area open? I'm sure it's on the website, but apparently it's well hidden.
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    Why are Viking cues so often overlooked?

    I agree that it's mostly the pearlescent plastic. Didn't they even have a model with mirror points? My first good cue was a plain jane Viking from the early 90s. It didn't have any any of that plastic, and I liked how it looked and hit. I got rid of it only because it warped from a box being...
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    SBE 2022 | Are You Going??

    Has it been crowded? For somebody who would go mostly to browse the exhibitor booths, do you think it's worthwhile this year?
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    Best hitting cue you ever played with.

    Many pages and years ago, I said it was a Capone I once tried in a Tokyo pro shop. It's now tied with a Huebler.