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    WPBA Tour Wikipedia Page

    Hi! I'm writing a page on the English version of Wikipedia regarding the WPBA Tour, as per an initiative to get more women in sports articles through July and August (known as Women in Red). I don't have much information regarding the WPBA, as the website isn't the best, and the differences...
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    Any photos?

    Hi, My name is Ed, and I have been updating cue sport articles on wikipedia for almost two years. One of the things I have been having issues with is getting hold of images for player bios. Does anyone have any images that they would be happy to release for this purpose? I can easily talk...
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    Leende Open

    Anyone watching the event? Hohmann in his first Euro Tour event since 2012 nearly came unstuck in the first match, snatched it in the decider! Enjoying it so far.
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    9-Ball World Championship

    The event is supposed to start today. Anyone got any details about it? Is there a draw happening anywhere?
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    Beginner's Snooker Cue

    Can anyone suggest a beginner's cue? I live in the UK, (So would obviously have to be sold over here), and I'm looking to play Snooker. I've been using club cues for a while, but I'd like to get something reasonably cheaply that is of decent quality, but might be suitible for more of a beginner...
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    Shooting across the ball

    Hi All, So, I've played really amateur blackball pool for a while, but I've recently found a place that I could play some Snooker. (I'm a big fan). However, my big issue is regarding simply hitting the ball straight. Sometimes everything just flies in, but more often then not, I have a pretty...
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    Pre-2000 Tournaments

    Hi all, My name is Edward and I do a lot of editing on Wikipedia articles. I am attempting to do some work on the World Pool Championships, starting with the WPA 9-ball championships, which I have created a few entries for already. I am looking for any resources I can get regarding these...