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    Lefties vs Righties

    I meant to say that I eat, write, Shoot Pool,play Guitar as a Lefty. I was also told that Lefty's are one step closer to being Crazy, in some way, than Righty's, no matter what else we are good at.😄
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    Lefties vs Righties

    I Shoot Pool as a Lefty, but as a Child, relatives tried to take Pens and Pencils from my left Hand, to force me to be a Righty, but my Parents stopped them from steering me away from what was natural for me. I don't remember if that affected my preferences without my Parent's knowledge, but I...
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    Was Rempe and Varner better All-Around Players than Sigel, Strickland, and Archer?

    It seems that Rempe and Varner won a bigger variety of Tournaments than Sigel, Strickland, or Archer. Why aren’t they as celebrated? Were they as talented? Were Ruth McGinnis and Jean Balukas better, or as good as Allison Fisher and Chen Siming?
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    Should your Chin be on the Stick, or what's comfortable for you?

    In the old days, it seemed that more players Shot out of an upright stance. Today, and recently, Players seem to put their Chin down on the Cue, or close to it. Top Players from Europe and Asia seem to bend over farther in their stances, and many seem to have surpassed the Americans on the...
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    Why do Filipino spectators touch and crowd the table during matches?

    I can tell that they are gambling, but they seem to use powder to mark spots near object balls, brush the table between shots, and crowd the table. Is this just their culture? I don’t see this happen anywhere else. I guess it would make it hard to distract you anywhere else. They also seem to...
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    Is Jesse Thehu a Snooker Champion?

    I saw fantastic Draw and Follow shots by Jesse Thehu Snooker on YouTube,and was wondering are they unedited? I haven't seen his name in Snooker tournaments,so I was wondering if these shotes were from unedited video,because they are spectacular,and seem to match some of the best ever seen for...
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    Who is the Best Young Gun? Shaw,Thorpe,Joshua Filler?

    I love to see these Young Stars shoot,and develop their games. I know that there are many Great ,young Players Worldwide,and here in the States,such as Skyler Woodward and Justin Bergman. Do you see any of these Young Guns challenging Wu,Brothers Ko,Shane,Orcullo,or Alex anytime soon?
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    Will Effren Reyes still be considered the Best to ever come from the Philippines?

    I know some considered Parica to be as good as Effren,but Alex P,Orcullo and so many others are Monsters,I'm just wondering if Effren is still the hands-down Favorite,Greates ever to come from the Philippines?
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    Alex P. and Dennis Orcullo in the DCC

    How do you rate Alex Pagulayan and Dennis Orcullo's chances in the DCC,and the All-Around title. How do you rank them against the other Top Players that will be competing?
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    Why don't more Champions travel to the U.S.?

    Is the money in U.S. tournaments so bad,that many Champions or top Players from other countries don't see the benefit of playing here? I see so many Great Players that we hardly see at U.S. Tournaments,if it wasn't for Video on the 'Net,we wouldn't know they exist! I love to see Jeff DeLuna and...
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    Who would you bet your last on in 9-Ball or Ten-Ball,today?

    If you had to bet all you have on one Player,who would it be? I'm picking Alex P.,narrowly over Big Ko,Appleton,Wu,Thorsten,Dennis O,Shane,Ignacio,and Cheng. I pick Alex because of Talent,and overall knowledge in many disciplines. I know I'm leaving a lot of Great Players off my Short List,many...
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    How do Brunswick Pool Tables rank today?

    I grew up playing in a Poolroom with 8,9,and 10 foot Brunswick Tables. I loved to play on them,and have always considered them to be the Best Pool Tables. I enjoy playing on other Brands,but wonder if you all favor them as much as they used to be praised.
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    Is Darren Appleton the best All-around player ?

    Darren has won Tournaments in almost every category! Is it fair to say that he may be the most well-rounded,and dangerous Player overall,in the majority of Games? He has won a variety of Killer-Fields,all over the World!
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    Is the U.S. Open 9-Ball Tournament tougher today because of Worldwide competition?

    Do you think that the Worldwide competition,and the evolution of the game to include Kicking and Jumping,made it harder to win today?
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    Do you pick Thorsten Hohmann as the World's No. 1 Player?

    Thorsten seems to be great at a number of games,especially Straight Pool,but wins over great players in 9 & 10 Ball too. Can you consider him the Best in the World right now,and a cinch hall-of-Famer? Where do you rank him All-Time? I realize that he's only 34 or so.