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    An Elder Brunswick table - Estate Sale

    This table is no longer available as of 05/23/2017 Please feel free to contact me with any questions via message system here in AZB. I will be checking this daily until the sale is completed. I have limited information aside from the fact that the table has resided at a private residence in a...
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    Daydreaming today

    I was thinking (settle down) about what it would be like to just have my dream cue. I pretty much have a facimili of what I want presently... but you know what I mean. Removing all barriers, death, cost, time.... just the essence of what you would call worthy of being your cue. I'd start off...
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    Morbid curiosity

    I was reading a thread about someone asking after a cue they had found that suggestively suggests that there may be some suggested possible maybe link to a famous player with absolutely no provenance. So.... it started me thinking (quiet you) - What happens to the pool cues and other regalia...
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    Action Killers and Pool Hall Etiquette

    I was reading a thread here talking about whether or not it was a good idea to rescue someone in a bad match up with some sound advice regarding their opponent. Like if a Touring C++ player was matching up against a universally respected local short-stop that can pretty much dismember most...
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    Not self-promoting at all here... However,

    I wanted to see who here on AZB had their own personal libraries of videos on You Tube or wherever. I just wanted to see what other people had. Ive been shooting video at my home room for a couple years and have a few of them made public (30 or so). Check them out if you like and please post...
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    One Pocket lives in Largo

    Here is a link to a single video featuring my masterful production and commentary skills.... and a little 1Pocket. Thought it would be fun to toss up video featuring a great game and good friends. Regards, Lesh P.S. there are a few more up there as...
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    Help with cue identify needed please

    Friend of mine at my home hall, Bob Barkhurst brought in an interesting specimen. .. any educated theories will be appreciated. Background on this thing is that it sold for some where north of a grand back when it was being sold... some time in the 60'same or 70's. Initials on the butt are...
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    POV POOL is Live... come get you some

    Awww yeah Lesh
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    Cap'n Hook comes to Pinellas County, FL

    Today Mike Sigel paid us a visit at Corner Pocket Billiards in Largo, FL. Listened to him pitch his GPPA League as it is about to launch here this coming week. They held a tournament that used the rules that the GPPA uses about ball in hand and what=not. Interesting format. I will not render a...
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    Get some!!!! 1. Visit Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, CA and play a one hole race to 9 for a grand against whoever wants to step to me straight up. 2. Sing Karaoke with Efren Reyes. 3. Have a blackout weekend with Joe Rogan. 4. Commentate with or for Daniel Busch in a POV PooL Stream...
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    Set the 1 ball on the spot and go ball-in-hand behind the head string to make it in any pocket. Keep the cue ball where it is an toss the 1 ball into a rail and make it 9 more times. If you can successfully make that ball ten times in a row... You graduate to racking 2 balls on the spot. Break...
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    FINE! I'm writing a One Pocket book

    Since I absolutely refuse to pay a billion dollars for the most popular one pocket book on the planet, I'm writing my own and giving away copies to my buddies. I am going to use the same formula that a certain author used and talk with the best one pocket players in my area (and there are some...
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    Copyright Schmopyright... at what shaggin point?

    So I want to get a copy of "Winning One Pocket" and "Shots, Moves & Strategies" (the two volume set) by famed author and wizard compiler Eddie Robin. I have money, I want to spend it. But I will not be the fool that pays 200.00 to 600.00 for either or both of these books. I don't care if they...
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    Speed is Speed and One Pocket loves no one

    Since I came back to pool, I have learned many things that I must admit, every serious pool player should know and take some time to see if it fits into their game throughout the evolution of their game. Just because a concept does not make any sense or suit your fancy at one particular time...
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    Please identify this cue... if possible

    A fine gentleman at my hall brought to me a specimen for inspection. I have a fair idea what it is, but for fear of ridicule and scorn.... I shall remain silent and let you tear each other apart over this without mussing my pretty hands. Muhahahhaa. So gah head... let's not be scared. Be bold...