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    Pockets on 9' Wilhem-Saunier tables

    Anyone have experience playing on them? These tables seem to rattle a lot of shots that would go in on other tables. My 8-ball team plays out of a club that has one, and experience the same thing at another club with a Saunier-Wilhem 9' table. Have not experienced it on a 8' table I've played on...
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    This year's Amway event is gearing up

    According to the article in the link, not a single group will be an easy win, as expected.
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    Replacement strap for Wave case?

    One of the connectors snapped off on one of my straps. Any suggestions for a replacement? Contact Sterling directly?
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    Lack of top women players at USBTC

    Any idea why the ladies don't come out for this? Lack of money?
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    USBTC stream price

    Anyone remember if the full package price cost as much last Year? Didn't seem like it, and it included one more event.
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    Instruction in western PA

    The last few years, when Inhad some extra scratch after taxes, I've bought a cue. This year, I think I'm better off getting some instruction. Any professional instructors going to be around Pitssburgh in the next several months? If so, I need exact dates at least 3 weeks in advance, due to work...
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    10-ball with 9-ball rules-why?

    I sensed a debate starting in the 2015 DCC Bigfoot thread, and thought a separate discussion would be good. One rule: keep it respectful, to each other, and to a great event. The topic: why play 10-ball with 9-ball rules? Imo, it takes away from the nature of having a game that is separate...
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    Looking for good, reliable mechanic in/near southwestern PA

    TheAmerican Legion I play league out of has a good, sturdy old Saunier Wilhem table, but it needs new cloth and cushions. I'm looking for a mechanic who could give an estimate on the costs, before I can meet with the two league teams that play out of there, and the club to go about raising the...
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    Looking for: tip replacement in SW Penn

    Myself and some teammates and friends are interested in getting some tips replaced. Looking for someone with a lathe (travel would be great) and reasonable prices. Experience with ivory ferrules preferred. I will might be providing my own tips, others will have to purchase theirs. Please respond...
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    14.1- question on scratching.

    If I make my shot, then the cue ball scratches, how does it work with regard to scoring- does a point get deducted from my original score, do I add, and then subtract one point? Also, does the object ball then get spotted?
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    Rotation question

    You scratch and give you opponent BIH behind the head string. Is he allowed to pass back to you like on a non-scratching foul?
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    Chieh Yu "Rita" Chou's cue?

    Wondering if anyone knows what she plays with? I'm curious because her shaft's ferrule has a distinctly yellow hue to it, which I've only seen on some cues from the 1980s.
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    Women's World 10-Ball in NYC this year

    According to a post on Emily Duddy's facebook a few days ago. Going down at Steinway. Haven't seen anything official yet. I'm curious who will be the sponsors this year, as last year at Manila it was Yalin tables and Andy Cloth. Hopefully the Queen's cup will be held right after again. Thoughts!
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    1-ball on spot, wing is wired.9- on spot,it's not?

    I read this all the time on here, but I don't get it. How does what ball is on the spot change the physics of the wing ball's tendency to head to the corner?
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    WTB: Sailor cue.

    Their look has really grown on me, and my recent interest in straight pool has increased my desire for one, after reading about the man. Please pm, or email with pics and specs.