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    Fight at pool bar in Dallas

    This is why I play call pocket instead of call shot.
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    Gabby from Houston is not dead

    I saw Gabby playing at Damifino's on 06-26-2021. He was a perfect gentleman. Video:
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    PPV-8th Annual Big Tyme Classic-JUNE 10-13TH , 2021

    For the bracket standings, click the drop-down-menu on the top-right of this page:
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    You have a ~14x18 room: 7, 8, or 8+ table?

    I'd take your cue's length into consideration (and perhaps the potential cue length of your guests). A room+table that's fine for a 57 inch stick isn't necessarily fine for a 60 inch stick. It can be a gotcha that the charts might miss.