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    LF / WTB: Exotic Leather Wrap

    I am interested in getting a custom leather wrap pit on my stick, and I'm not having any luck finding the color scheme I want. I want something along the lines of Ring Tail Lizard, with black on the outter edges and turquoise in the middle, of Turquoise on the outter edges and Black on the...
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    A Few Quick Questions About Moving a Table

    I might have found a table I am looking into purchasing. Unfortunately for me the right deal, may just be un-attainable? That's why I am turning to the pro's for help! okay, so I found a table within my price range, but its 450 miles away. It is a 1 piece slate, 7' Diamond Pro-Am. I don't know...
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    WTB: New / Used Diamond Pro AM, 7' or 8' Near SW Ohio

    Looking for a reasonable price.. or a good deal for both parties! I live in Dayton, Ohio. So preferably close to there, I am also interested in finding people to move it and set it up for me, and make it play fantastically. (Obviously cost money) PM me please!
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    WTB: Pool Instruction Videos

    I have been playing pool for a few years... probably 2 years total playing time with the breaks I have had to endure early on in my pool life. (Job kept me from playing.. then serious illness.. etc) I am interested in purchasing some videos on how to play pool at a more advanced stage. I...
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    Where Can I Find a List of Pool Tournaments?

    First and Foremost, I want to apologize if this is the wrong part of the forum.. I looked in the "Action" Section which is the only place I thought it could possibly go other than here.. and It didn't seem to fit there, So I guess I will ask here.. I was wondering if there is a place I can go...