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    Places to play in Kennewick, WA

    My daughter lives in Kennewick, WA. On Jan 8th she gave birth to an amazing baby boy. I live on the west side of the state 60 miles north of Seattle and will be heading over to Kennewick often. The baby's father has three boys of his own from a previous marriage. My question is: are there any...
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    Pray for Hemicudas

    I got an e-mail from Hemicudas ($Bill) and he told me that next Monday the 17th he will be in Houston for tests followed by bypass surgery later in the week. He said he will be in Houston for approximately two weeks. I'm sure he would love to hear words of encouragement and well wishes from...
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    David Goodenbour

    I got a call from David's ex-girlfriend today. She told me that Dave was in a hospital in Aberdeen, WA, where he recently moved, having some treatments for a heart condition when he had a massive stroke and passed away. I believe he was in his early 60's David mainly played up here in the...
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    Youngest Person to Run 100 Balls

    The thread on the Oldest guy to run 100 balls got me to thinking, Who was the youngest and how old were they when they did it? I know, kind of a dumb question, hard to prove anything, fathers exaggerating their offspring's skill etc.but I was just curious. I guess this thread could be re-named...
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    Photo by Linda Carter

    Hi Linda, I was scanning some old photos and found this one. It was during the Junior Tournament that Mr. Z. held back in 1994. You had taken a bunch of photos and during a break took them to a one-hour photo developing store and were kind enough to give me some of my son Ryan. I also attached...
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    Greenway Billiards Southern Open

    Back in 1978 and 1979 Greenway Billiards had a tournament they called the Southern Open. David Howard won in '78 and Jerry Brock in '79. Does anyone recall these tourneys? I remember watching a $100.00 nine ball ring game there. Some of the players included: Grady Mathews, Keith McCready, Buddy...
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    Reno Open In June

    I have read more than once on this forum that the Reno Open in June has been canceled. Can anyone confirm this or is it just a rumor? If true, any idea why? Thanks. Lunchmoney
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    Going to Oroville

    Entry fees have been paid, hotel rooms reserved and come Tuesday morning myself and three friends are going to hit the road from Mount Vernon, WA and drive down to Oroville,CA for the World Bar Table Championships. Anyone from AZB going? Send me a PM and maybe we can make arrangements to meet. I...
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    Schon Sp-26

    I bought a Schon SP-26 in 1993 and had it stolen, along with a Dave Tice and a Guseppie(sp) 2X4 case in 1999. I have been searching pawn shops where ever I go and the same thing in pool rooms. I am always checking out Schon cues. My memory of the cue is starting to fade and I have been trying to...
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    Aging and Pool

    We were having a discussion at the pool hall last night and one of the topics was, as we age, why does our pool game fall off from what it was when we were younger? Eyesight was a topic, but glasses can correct that for the most part. Aching bodies and stamina were brought up as was not having a...
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    Washington State 8-Ball Championships

    Anyone from this forum going to play in the Washington State 8-ball Championships at Shotzee's next month? It is a 64 man field and usually comes close to filling up. Shotzee's is going to add, I believe in the neighborhood of, $1,100.00 based on a minimum of 54 players. Lunchmoney
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    My New Dave Jones Cue

    I picked up my new Dave Jones cue recently. This cue has an incredible feel to it, one of the most crisp, solid hitting cues I have ever picked up. All the inlays are ivory along with the joint and ferrules. The handle is Thuya Burl and and the points and butt are ebony. This cue is going to be...
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    Shooter's Sport Bar in Idaho

    Myself and three friends are going to making the drive from Mount Vernon, WA over to Shooter's Sports Bar in Lewiston, ID this coming weekend to play in the 9-ball tournament. Anyone from this board going to be there? Lunchmoney
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    9 foot Brunswick-Balke-Collender

    I am going to be selling my 9 foot Brunswick-Balke-Collender shortly. I believe it is the Aviator Model. The table is in excellent condition, four piece 1" slate, and will come with new cloth (Championship 30 30), a set of Aramith Super Pro's, a couple of bar cues and a table cover. I replaced...
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    Picture Test

    Just trying to see if I can post a picture. Lunchmoney