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    Matching set Omen player and JB

    I told myself this is one I’d never sell, but I’m scaling back my collection to what I actually need, not want. Pete Omen player and jump/break with matching wood and ringwork. Cocobola on bird’s eye. Everything rolls straight. 13mm tips, 58” cue, weight is 19ish ounces. I couldn’t find my...
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    Need help making leather wrap more tacky

    I could see this effort ending in a "why the hell did I just do that?" Proceed very carefully.
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    Rhythm To You're Game...

    It's everything. Try playing faster or slower than you feel comfortable and see for yourself. Pay attention to what you're doing when you are in dead punch. Your breathing. vision. Tempo. Body movements.
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    Trans debate arrives into Pro woman’s Billiards

    without going too far in to the weeds on this, though I probably will, I’ll disclose that I’m all about you do you, I have no problem and don’t care either way. I love all and hold no hate in my heart for anyone. The one who determines my ultimate destination told me that is a big no no. As of...
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    Trans debate arrives into Pro woman’s Billiards

    Take the current top 10 male players in pool today vs the top 10 female players to have ever played the game. All games can even be represented. You are forced to lay every penny to your name on one side, with your angry wife and hungry kids staring at you. Who do you choose? People can...
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    Pool Announcers; What do you want?

    Where modern pool broadcasts fall woefully short is production. Watch some of the the Accu-stats classics from the 90s and early 2000s. You felt like you were there watching from the best seat in the house, on every shot. The camera angles were great. The sound of every shot. You didn't just...
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    Is there such a thing as natural talent? Some say yes, I do not think there is?

    It’s like a room of kindergartners who pick up a crayon for the first time and some are worlds better than others. Why is that?
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    Is there such a thing as natural talent? Some say yes, I do not think there is?

    It’s not a fight at all. We just don’t agree and that’s a good thing. My point is that ‘talent’ extends way beoyend, and is not limited to pool. If it is in other aspects of life, why not pool too?
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    Is there such a thing as natural talent? Some say yes, I do not think there is?

    Don’t be surprised if/when it happens. Not all of us have been as fortunate.
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    Is there such a thing as natural talent? Some say yes, I do not think there is?

    Talent hurts your feelings because you want the playing field to be level. It’s not. It’s the 22 yo who picked the game up casually 2 years ago, looks like he’s not even trying, that you can’t beat and plays 2 balls better that you ever have. It messes with your head and hurts your feelings, and...
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    Is there such a thing as natural talent? Some say yes, I do not think there is?

    While waiting on me to come in to the exam room, one of my 19 y/o patients, who is on the spectrum did something no human should be able to do. While standing up, with a regular ball point pen, on printer paper drew a gorgeous, PERFECT lineup, in perfect detail of all the Peanuts characters…...
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    I don’t like it

    Next time you're in NW Georgia, do yourself a big favor and go to Kennesaw Billiards on Wade Green Rd and your faith in pool will be restored. 24 hours, smoking friendly, some nice tables, some not so nice. Darts. Music you would expect to hear. No one cares what you look like. It looks like...
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    The 9ball championships and winner break excitement.

    Don't want to sit in your chair and watch your opponent run out the match? Learn to lag, kick, break and play a lock down safety game better. Didn't win the lag? You should of hit a better shot. You break and nothing went in? Learn to break better or buy another lucky rabbit's foot. You break...
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    My first tip installation. Went south

    Good for doing it yourself and nice job! I've tried exactly once on one of my more forgettable cues. Never again. My best result would be worse than a professional's worst.
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    Bring Back Hustling Culture

    By the logic given so far, schools of fish pack in to every casino on the face of the planet all day, every day waiting to be hustled, and there is no shortage of business, despite people booking losers 99.999% of the time. Only the 'big scores' are discussed. Are these casinos parasites as...