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    WANTED - Astle Merry Widow Cue

    Looking for one of Aaron's cues, preferably ebony with a burl or highly figured accent wood for the handle. Happy to look at anything you've got.
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    Selling off part of my collection

    Time to let a few of these beauties go to a new home Starting out with the three labeled at the bottom. Open to possibly parting with a few others. If you're interested, send me a DM for specs and prices. Note - I'll be away until tomorrow night, but will reply then. Cue 3 is sold.
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    Mint Kenny Murrell - Brazilian rosewood with inlays

    Sold sold sold
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    •••• Classic James White (JMW) - Mint ••••

    •••• Mint Classic James White (JMW) - Reduced •••• .... .....
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    My Collection - Updated

    Figured it was time for a new pic since I've simplified things a bit. Down to these plus another Hercek that is my regular player. Left to right: Haley, Mottey, JMW, JMW, JMW, Hercek, Hercek, Hercek, Hercek.
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    Durbin Merry Widow - Amazing Brazilian Rosewood

    Mike Durbin Player SOLD No trades! Durbin cue is on the right. Pre-owned Durbin in near mint condition with AAAA+ Brazilian Rosewood. •19oz with one 13mm shaft. • G10 3/8x11 pin • Smooth Kangaroo wrap • Non-ivory cue. 2-day shipping in the U.S. only. Payment via Paypal. Mint JMW cue is...
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    Pondering a Sale of My Collection

    I'm thinking about letting a majority of my cues go. I'd be up for selling as a collection or as one-offs. I will be keeping a few on hand, but at this point I don't really need so many hanging around being under appreciated. I don't play much any more and chasing down what I liked and...
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    ••• Cues For Sale: Prewitt, Tascarella, Murrell, Durbin •••

    ••• Cues For Sale: Prewitt, Tascarella, Murrell ••• -----sold----
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    –•–•–•– F/S: Gorgeous James White Cue –•–•–•–

    ♦–•–♦–•– F/S: Gorgeous 8-pt James White Cue –•–♦–•–♦ ............................................
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    ••• Stunning Bill Schick - Burl and Lots of Inlays •••

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    Any Barenbrugge Cues For Sale at SBE?

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    Barenbrugge Cues

    WTB Barenbrugge Cues Looking for something with nice ringwork (level 3 or level 4) and nice wood combinations.
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    +•+•+•+ FS: Ebony Barenbrugge Cue +•+•+•+

    All gone. Thanks for looking.
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    +•+•+•+ FS: Ed Prewitt merry widow +•+•+•+

    All gone. Thanks for looking.
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    Beautiful Tascarella - Ebony Balabuska Style

    Beautiful Tascarella - Ebony Balabushka Style SOLD. Thanks for looking.