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    Predator blanks

    I have not to my knowledge intentionally blocked a number. I just checked my phone and I have 0 blocked numbers on it. Dont know what happened but try again or email me at
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    Predator blanks

    I have lots of the birdseye, curly and rosewood blanks. I have a few of the falcon floating points ( the last picture).
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    Dufferin one piece loose at the center joint

    As i recall there should be a screw that connects both pieces. If it is really loose you may be able to turn it apart.
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    How long should my tips last?

    I respectfully disagree. The main reason that tip wear down is from chalking. Chalk is an abrasive. It is like rubbing sandpaper over your tip every time you chalk.
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    How long should my tips last?

    I think the main factor is how often and how you chalk your tip. I had a customer that chalked while thinking what shot to take. He was constantly chalking. I changed his tip every 3 or 4 months. if you give it a quick brush before your shot it will last longer.
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    Predator blanks

    Not sure which ones you want?? email me
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    Predator blanks

    Good to hear!!
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    Predator blanks

    These are what I was talking about. $50 plus shipping minimum 2.
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    Predator blanks

    Thats it. Curly, birdseye and rosewood. I have some falcon blanks with inlayed points and some veneered forearms. I will post a picture later.
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    Isoplast 202

    I am still trying to find some isoplast ferrule material. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Predator blanks

    I have some. What are you looking for?? I don't have any of the green points left.
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    Logo options?

    I have my local trophy dealer do my engraving. Inexpensive and does a great job.
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    Transfer decal?
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    Transfer decal?

    Gallery Graphics, Bob Rumer does dry transfers. I find them superior to the slide on decals. If you want the slide on you can buy the paper and print them yourself.
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    Finishes other than CA

    General Finishes Enduro works well and if its not available can probably be shipped.