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    Buyer / Seller transaction report

    thanks for the support : )
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    Buyer / Seller transaction report

    Report for a lier Vass Vassi , known as greeneyes_ocean on AzBilliards forums He sold me a SW cue claimed to be all original in mint I had him sent to Laurie for letter and had it back. The cue was found to have some kind of scratches on the forearm with quick dry repair so as on the butt...
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    Randy Mobley & EDC Collaboration Cue

    I believe that cue is in Asia now I bought that cue for a friend of mine late 2019
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    quick cash paid for south west

    I have a brand new 2018 eb on eb SW, fully loaded with ringwork at all position and caps, shoot me an email Matt
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    WTB Randy Mobley M22 Jump Break

    AS titled, please contact me through Matt
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    WTB - Satin South West

    I have what you want, emai to Matt
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    2018 Dave Barenbrugge Master Grade Quilted Sapele "Ring Leader" Merry Widow

    Dave's work is second to none, thanks for sharing Martin !!:thumbup:
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    WTB: kersenbrock, predate or jerry era SW

    As title, I am only looking for kersenbrock, predate or jerry era SW, everything must be original. please send email to Thanks Matt
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    Headed to taiwan!

    WOW finally, worth the wait I believe the owner would be very happy
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    Fancy South West Cues

    I know Dean for I guess more than 10 years, and I still remember back in 2007 I met him in person at Dallas we talked about cues and he showed me one of a kind box szamboti with gold inlays which you don't see that cue everyday, he is legit and a very respectable collector. Here is my thought...
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    WTB Kersenbrock, Jerry era, predate, or ebony SW

    Bump, serious cash buyer here!!:thumbup:
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    WTB Gabon on Gabon SW

    Bump, serious cash buyer here!!
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    HBD Dave Barenbrugge

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!! take a day off and get right back on my cue by tomorrow :thumbup:
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    OOOK~I am just showing off, make the count for the Ebony on Ebony SW for me.....

    Thanks Jim, I really had a good time there, meet friends on AZ is always pleasure, you should find a time to come, hopefully I can see you next year:)