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    Another favorable Schmelke review

    I agree. Schmelke Rules! Love the hit and playability of my Schmelke cue which was a bit over $120 fully customized. They do excellent work.
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    Hand flip's and such!

    I couldn't agree with the posts in this thread more. Mika is a total A-Hole. I witnessed this in person too at a 14.1 exhibition match vs. John Schmidt a few years ago. That time he was whining about John touching a ball while cueing over it to hit the cue ball. This was an exhibition; not...
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    WORLD POOL (nineball) CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 April2022), UK, Winner $60K

    Just Mika being Mika (i.e. lil' Bitch). Typical. He has played unbelievable though the usual unprovoked whining from him is beyond tiresome.
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    Predator Arena Light & Diamond Table question

    I have a black Diamond Pro Am with a black Predator Arena light. Looks great. Our ceiling color is also black so the color of the light was an easy choice. If our ceiling was white, for example, I may have considered the brushed aluminum. I do like the looks of the white light (I guess that...
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    The Inaugural 2021 NBL 10-Ball Championships - 16 Player Event with a $25,000.00 purse!

    Was a good watch. Thought the commentary was quite good; didn't have to lunge for the mute button thankfully. The thing that struck me most about this event was how big the pockets were playing. May have been a combination of pocket size and newer cloth perhaps though seemed like anything...
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    Poor Shane is Trapped !

    I do feel for SVB at Mosconi Cup. There's a ton of pressure on him to win given the far lesser players, Woodward excluded, on the team. With that his losses are magnified and seem to pile up a bit. It doesn't help that he's playing against competition at his level in extremely short races...
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    Mosconi Cup 2021 Day 3 Updates

    I was actually more put off that Shane deserted his teammates apparently in that last match. At least we won the Ryder Cup, haha
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    Mosconi Cup 2021 Day 3 Updates

    Good point. Earl would have been a nightmare. It was fun while it (the tournament) lasted...
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    Mosconi Cup 2021 Day 3 Updates

    I noticed that as well. Shane seems to have a tough time closing the door in these MC matches. He sorta lets up and then the wheels start to come off. I suppose anyone who has played pool except for maybe Shaw can relate to that though it is excruciating to witness. Ugh... Brutal. Do feel...
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    International Open

    Shane just beat Albin 11-2 last month in Atlantic City deep in the tournament. I remember watching that; Albin never had a chance. Shane put together a few packs and the few times Albin was at the table he never had an offensive shot. He didn't get a single roll in that match and was reduced...
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    Who will be Europe's 5th Mosconi player

    Is too bad USA does not have a better current culture for this great, American of games. I'm a bit surprised USA has any decent younger players (I suppose the argument could be made that we don't) at all given the scarcity of options. There is no pool in high schools and middle schools. No...
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    The International Open Fields are Filled.

    Awesome. Love it. Surprised to not find Billy Thorpe's name listed in the Players section. Hope everything is alright with him...
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    Diamond Open - Aiken, SC

    I really hope JJ is noticing Tony's recent rotation game and giving him much consideration for Mosconi Cup. For the three remaining spots on the team I cannot come up with 3 better rotation players in USA than Tony. Actually, I hope he gets more than consideration but rather selection.
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    Nick Schulman and Jeremy Jones Commentating at the U.S. Open

    Agreed. Nick does an excellent job as a pool commentator. I had to google his name earlier this week wondering who this smooth guy behind the mic was. Quality commentating enhances the viewing experience greatly; is refreshing to press the volume up button on a pool related broadcast. Some...
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    STRONGEST FIELD so far this year-Las Vegas Open (1-4 Sep), 10 Ball/9 ft table, Winner $15K

    Embarrassingly bad format in every possible way. Pool in USA needs a "Pro Tour" so was excited to see this series unveiled when announced though now resigned to chalking this up to yet another disappointment for the game. It sometimes feels like there is a cosmic force out there working...