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    Basement Visitor

    Would you get rid of your GC for a Diamond? I‘m not sure if I would.
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    Diamond pro price question

    Wow, a 2k price increase!
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    SBE postponed

    I believe that is the point Lou was making.
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    Tournaments while wearing masks

    That’s pretty funny, you almost had me there. Haha.
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    My Anniversary table

    What a beautiful table, enjoy!
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    Tournaments while wearing masks

    Hey ideologist, did you get an answer? I wouldn’t have a problem wearing a mask for a tournament, I wear one at work and when I go out. However any tournament around here is at a bar and I have been holding off going to a bar. At this stage in life I can’t maintain the necessary BAC over .08 to...
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    Tournaments while wearing masks

    The way I interpreted the graph, supplemented by a bit of googling, was that neither state had any mandates. ND implemented a mandate at what I believe is the peak in your graph. Even with a rather dismal rate of compliance, around 60%, the drop in cases in ND is much steeper than SD’s. What I...
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    Tournaments while wearing masks

    Again, look at the Dakota graphic, the state that imposed the various mandates had a much steeper decline in cases. I would say that masks do slow the spread of the virus.
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    Tournaments while wearing masks

    Jimmy, what you seem to be implying, that mask use causes increased Covid cases is total bullshit. Jeff posted the Dakotas graphic earlier, look into that.
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    Tournaments while wearing masks

    Nescience alert!
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    Tournaments while wearing masks

    I did go to college, thanks for asking! Tell God I said hi when you see him or her, Nellie too.
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    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    Pretty sure you’re not paying attention, but John is having showings of the record breaking run, even picking up some cash along the way. He probably gets a lot of enjoyment from the events, any profit is icing on the cake.
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    If you have more than one playing cue, do you alternate? or how do you choose.

    Wow, that’s a nice cue, remind me of my early Huebler, which makes sense. I switch cues a lot, I just like different cues. It takes a bit to adjust, since they all play different, but I don’t think it hurts too much.
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    Tournaments while wearing masks

    The study in your referenced quote had some issues with how it was reported, imagine that. Issues with paper “Prof Trish Greenhalgh FMedSci, Professor of Primary Health Care Services, University of Oxford and Dr Deepti Gurdasani, Senior Lecturer in Machine Learning, QMUL, said: “We are...
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    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    Having the ability to play at home is the important part, especially now. I posted pictures in the thread a while back, GC IV with carpet tiles and a Williams Space Shuttle pin ball. It gets a lot of use, but looking at the after pictures make me realize how nice it can be! I’m only at the 10...