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    GCIII Chrome Trim - $1200 Los Angeles CL

    ***Not My Listing*** ***FYI Only*** Finders Fee Appreciated
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    Preferred Cloth Color For Tournament Tables

    Which Color of Cloth Do You Prefer For Watching Pool Tournaments?
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    GCIII Black & Silver $1,000 in LA CL

    Another nice GC III in Los Angeles. Listing is on *****Not My Listing***** 10% Finders Fee Appreciated
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    GCIV Rail Threaded Plate Upgrade

    Is there any available threaded plates that have more threads that will fit into the cavity of a GCIV Rail without major surgery? What would be the thickest plate that would fit? Can the opening be enlarged so a thicker plate will fit inside? My rails are in storage so I can’t inspect them. I...
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    Replace a Schmelke Joint With 3/8-10?

    Can a Schmelke Brass Joint be replaced with a normal pin? Is it worth the cost? Accept for the ugliness.....Does the Brass Joint play any different from a pin?
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    Gold Crown 4” Pockets $1,000 in LA

    $1,000 Gold Crown from Hollywood Billiards. *****Not My Listing***** 10% Finders Fee Appreciated.
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    5x10 Snooker Anniversary in LA on CL $1,000

    $1,000 Los Angeles Craigslist has a Listing for a 5x10 Anniversary Snooker Table. Located in Whittier.
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    Threaded Pin in Shaft?

    Why do cheap cues put the threaded pin in the shaft? Are there any good cues that do it that way?
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    Long Cue Shafts

    What are long cue Shafts used for? I bought a McDermott D-21 Shaft off of Fleabay. It is 30 5/8” long. Compared to the “normal” 29”. Why are some Shafts longer? I’ve read that more people are asking for 30” Shafts nowadays.
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    Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper

    I have a cue with a 23mm x 13mm hole. Looked all over the web but no luck finding a rubber bumper. It is a “Professional Series” Cue by Players. Real wood inlays and veneers. Thanks
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    1965 Mustang Pool Table for Sale

    1965 Mustang Pool Table for Sale Only $9,995
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    Modify a Standard Cue for Travel?

    Sorry if this is a dumbass question. Can you Regular Cue be made into a Travel Cue? Thank you
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    Tips On Tip Pads

    Tip Pads .15” .31” .62” Red Black White Clear Which and Why? (I know it’s a lot to ask, Newbie Alert!) Thank you
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    Bulletproof Tips...Anyone Tried One?

    Clear Tip Bulletproof Brand Cuts, scuffs, holds chalk like a regular tip. Has anyone tried one?
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    Extending Shelf’s: Opinions?

    I’m trying to extend the shelf’s on my pockets. What do you think of my work so far?