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    Couple of mine
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    Walnut BURL -PRO stabilized (Sets and Pieces)

    Yep you get what you pay for. There is a significant difference in dye saturation, hardness, consistency and quality. Guess at 4000 PSI they dont fool around.
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    Walnut BURL -PRO stabilized (Sets and Pieces)

    These sold out fast last batch, so if ur interested shoot me a PM. No holds. Couple are super wide billets. (17D) for example. SETS: Pieces / Segments set:
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    Carmeli with those fancy abolone inlayed rings.

    Ive always been fond of those rings myself....
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    Afzelia Burl Stabilized

    Afzelia burl. Thanks for looking
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    Burls / Flame / Quilted

    Still have a few flame pieces and burl sets etc
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    Few of mine

    And yet those lathes belong to some of the best cue makers in the world. Weird.
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    Few of mine

    Oh there’s a lot more than these. Yeah the banksia pod cue is pretty cool.
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    Few of mine

    hahaha thats true. Every advantage we can get.
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    Burls / Flame / Quilted

    Please STOP commenting on my thread. If you want to chat send me a message.
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    Few of mine

    Pic from 2017...
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  13. Few cues

    Few cues

    No order just a few on the table
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    Few burl cues
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    Burls / Flame / Quilted

    Yeah message me and then invoke some evil or maybe utter some curses . Sounds like awesome fun. Great 5 dollar word bro !! Anywho, I don't post very often anymore, but I do it as a courtesy to some of the older cuemakers here who don't navigate the net that well. I would also say if the...