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    looking for a 3/8 x 10 z2 shaft....

    please send me prices on a 3/8x10 z2 shaft with a black collar.......
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    shorter cue?

    The other day someone came up to me and asked me to try out their new cue. The cue was made about 2-3 inches shorter if i remember correctly. Anyways I ran a two pack the second I picked it up and it felt great. I am short in stature and don't have a large wingspan so I was wondering if a...
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    any cue w/ a predator z2

    Thinking about sending my cue to ariel carmeli to get some extra work done, I'm going to be without a cue for 60 days or so, so I would like to get a spare cue. Not looking to spend a lot of money at all, So looking for the cheapest way to get shoot with a z2. Please pm me or respond with pics...
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    sparring partner in long island

    Bunch of my friends aren't as into pool as they once were. I'm still looking to improve and its tough drilling by yourself all the time.. if your on long island and feel like drilling or shooting email me :)
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    360 PureCue Action Trainer

    Have any instructors heard about / and or used this product? Looks pretty creative, and i can see it really helping with my stroke. Before picking one up, was looking into some feedback? thanks!!
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    looking for a players cue

    My girlfriend FINALLY joined my pool team and she was looking for a cue. She loved the look of some pink players cue with suade wrap. Please pm if you are can get players cues . thanks
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    takes me a while to get warm...

    i do work out a ton, so that could be why.... but it takes me so long to start warming up. Sometimes it could take over an hour before i start to feel loose in my stroke. What are some good drills , or techniques that can possibly help me warm up faster. Would def come in handy come...
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    looking to buy the ipat 1 dvd, and possible workbook as well as the first work book

    please let me know if anyone would be willing to part with these , and please tell me the price. thank you
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    having trouble hitting high on the cue ball

    not sure why, but my draw stroke has recently improved 10 fold, but i cant seem to get a strong follow stroke. ive been using the rempe training ball, and the chalk mark is barely higher than the center of the cue ball.. its driving me crazy, i feel like im aiming it right and at teh last...
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    Schon cx16 for sale

    Anyone interested in a schon cx16 please let me know. The cue has a mcdermott i3 shaft, and has a custom leather wrap put on by tascerella sr. Looking for $550
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    Keep missing key shots

    i dont know why this is happening but its getting me closer to wanting to quit the sport in frustration. Lately ive been playing some of the best pool I ever have. Ive had about 10 break n runs in the last week. A combination of big and bar tables, however, in the past few tournaments ive...
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    looking for a break/jump cue in the 400 range

    please send me what you have!!! would prefer lomax/ hanshew
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    lomax or hanshew wanted

    looking for a lomax or hanshew break/ jb cue. Please send me what you have as well as price! thank you :)
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    please some reviews on tnt break cues and mezz dual force

    please let me know how you all feel about the tnt break cues, and the mezz dual force. thank you!
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    My Carmeli tell me what you think :)

    Just got this carmeli not to long ago, absolutely love it!! Got a stacked leather wrap put on it as well to match the snakewood!