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    Same here & they have a XXL one that I use
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    Thanks. Which model Brunswick is that? Is it a 9 ft or oversize 8 ft?
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    Is the table a 9 ft Gold Crown? Corner pocket size?
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    Mosconi Cup 2021 Day 3 Updates

    Sulking....I've noticed that numerous times over the years at the Mosconi Cup.
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    JB Cases website Trojan

    When I go to their website my antivirus blocks me saying it's got a Trojan. Anyone else have the issue?
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    Correct cushion for older Brunswick American snooker table 5x10

    At our local Senior Center we have 2 older Brunswick 5x10 snooker tables. They were recently recovered & had new rail cushions installed. The rail cushions installed were K55, & there is a mismatch between those & the rail corner cushions. The installers obviously weren't experienced with...
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    Correct cushion for older Brunswick American snooker table 5x10

    What are the correct rail cushions for a circa 1950 Brunswick 5x10 snooker table?
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    Big pin ivory joint hit

    Is the hit really that good? I know other factors of the cue come into play..
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    Shaft collar

    I'm looking for a piece of particular shaft collar for my local guy to build an LD shaft. He's been building them for about a year, I've used one on my Scruggs player for about 6 months now & am used to it. I'd like to keep the collar matching for a new R. Harris cue. I'll attach a pic. Thanks
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    Palmer & a couple of Tim Scruggs

    I was questioned on another thread I started regarding the billiard equipment listed in my signature, so I took a few pics today. Along with my little Brunswick case, circa late 1974, is my 2nd catalog Model J Palmer. It was rewrapped about 3 1/2 years ago by Muellers, along with original foil...
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    LD vs regular shafts

    What's the approximate deflection % difference between a LD shaft & a regular shaft? I've been using a LD shaft for about 6 months now & the difference seems minimal.
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    Deposit for custom cue build

    What's the usual down payment to a cue builder for a custom cue?
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    Locating older Scruggs shaft ringwork

    I posted this and a pic in the Machinery & Supplies group but realized it might not get much attention. Any leads appreciated....
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    finding older Scruggs shaft ringwork

    Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. A local cue repair fellow (Mark Rosner) has been making some nice LD shafts. I was going to get him to make me one for my older Scruggs player but prefer to have the matching shaft ringwork. Again, all help appreciated. Attached is a pic.
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    Whitten 3x6 case

    Whitten 3x6 case $300 shipped $$SOLD$$$ For sale is a really good condition Whitten 3x6 leather case, & this one is the older preferred tube style. These are well built & surprisingly lightweight for a 3x6 case. It's been used so it has some scuffs. The zippers are all intact & work fine...