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    Esoteric pool cue

    Still for sale
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    Josey pool cue

    Good shooter
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    Esoteric pool cue

    Good shooter.
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    Esoteric pool cue

    Esoteric pool cue. Excellent condition. 58" length. Butt 15.6. 1 shaft 3.4 oz. 12.4 shaft. 2 shaft 3.7 oz 12.4 shaft. Paypal F&F $800 + shipping. Continental USA .
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    Josey pool cue

    It's gone
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    2004 Paul Mottey 2 shafts

    SOLD. 03-2004 Paul Mottey Custom Cue. No dings or scratches on butt or forearm and shafts are smooth with no dings Clear coat on bottom by the bumper shows bubbles or chips, One mark on ivory joint. view pictures. Lizard Wrap and Iv--ry joint ring and 2 ferrels. 2 shafts with matching ring...
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    Lambros Cue

    Lambros cue 18.6 once. 11.54mm shaft. 3/8x10 pin. Butt straight. Shaft has a taper role. Tip does not lift. Solid player, Some signs of wear. $475 .Pictures are here.
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    Jim Baxter Cue

    $OLD Shipped. Jim Baxter Cue . 18.4 once. 12.2 mm shaft. Signs of wear. Leather wrap. Tapper roll in the shaft. Rolls great together no lift. Solid player. pictures here. SOLD
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    Dave Kikel Cue

    SOLD .Custom 6 point Dave Kikel cue. 3 hi 3 low points . Excellent condition. Butt 15.9 oz. 1 shaft 3.68 oz 12.75 mm. 2 shaft 3.68 12.80 mm . One shaft has slight tapper role. 3/8 x 10 pin. 19" balance point. $OLD
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    2004 Paul Mottey 3 shafts

    2004 Paul Mottey 2 shafts Going to keep it for now.Thanks for the offers. No trades.
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    3 PCS Predator BK2 Break Jump Pool Cue

    Sold. CUSTOM CUT 3 PCS Predator BK2 Break Jump Pool Cue.19.7 oz 12.5mm shaft. Hard hitting. Sold
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    2007 John Madden Cue

    2007 John Jack Madden Cue $OLD John Jack Madden 2007 cue. 18.9 once. 13mm shaft. Butterfly Points cue.Shaft is straight. Butt has a slight role. Together it has a less than credit card width lift at joint. Tip does not lift. Does not effect shooting. Great playing cue. $old
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    Custom Conversion cue

    SOLD Custom Conversion cue. Unknown cue maker. Custom Conversion cue. 18.8 once. 12.2mm shaft. 3/8×10 pin. Taper roll in shaft. Excellent shooting.Can't load pictures on here. Pictures here. SOLD
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    Dennis Swift 1x2 leather case

    Sold. Dennis Swift 1x2 leather case. Zippers and latch work great. Sold
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    Richard Chudy cue w/ 4 shafts