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    7ft Vs 8ft

    I have a 7ft blue label diamond wood pro-am table and are in talks about trading a local pool hall for an 8ft diamond smart table. About how much more is the 8ft and is it really a compromise having the coin-op on the 8ft. compared to my 7ft without one?
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    My Custom Revo Cue

    Steve Dunkle was gracious enough to convert my old Dunkle to a unilock to accommodate the Revo shaft. I love the look of this Cue Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looking for a Butt that the Revo shaft can go on.

    Butt was taken but shaft was left, Looking to replace the butt. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just asking for a little direction Video of one of my league matches, I'm the one in the red hat. Just figured if you guys had time to watch and maybe give me some helpful tips on some things that can help me better my game. It was a 7-6 race that went hill-hill...
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    Best Shafts??

    Sorry didnt know what area to post this in. I been playing pool in leagues for a little over 2yrs now and always just bought a cue online and used the shaft that came with it well now that im starting to understand the performance aspects of having the right shaft and tip can do for you I was...