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    Places to shoot near Rockport IN

    I'm working in the rockport IN for two months. Looking for somewhere to shoot after work and see if there is any tournaments on Sundays. Owensboro is real close and Evansville isn't to far. Even Louisville isn't to far for sundays.
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    Hoppe ring cue with boxed inlays

    Looking to have a cue made and looking for ideas, thanks
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    Hoppe ring cue with boxed inlays

    Anybody have pics of a hoppe style cue with boxed inlays in the buttsleeve, someone sent me a picture of one and I lost it. Looking for a long rectangle with veneers. Thanks
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    First Custom Cue - $1200 Budget

    Look up Michael Webb
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    Brunswick bristol black metal corner

    Looking for one black top rail corner for a bristol II
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    Bk rush no wrap

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    Charcoal spectraply

    does anybody have some they can sell and ship me, looking for 1.5in by atleast 30in. Thanks
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    Tool post bit sharpening tips

    Seeing if anybody will share there techniques for sharping 1/4 inch bit, mostly the right hand parting. Is there a jig out there to buy to use on a bench grinder. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks mike
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    Jacoby wrapless and pechauer with rogue shafts

    Cant get pics to load, but i have Jacoby with 5 points in forearm handle buttsleeve, highly figured curly maple and cocobolo handle for $1200, and have several pechauer with 12.8mm rogue shafts or with regular maple for sale. All brand new. Text me for pics and prices. 5707723464 or my email...
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    Pechauer dealer swap 12.4 pro series rogue

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    Looking for a pechauer rogue dealer to Swap

    I want to see if we can swap shaft, maybe i have one that u want and u have what i want. Im looking for a 12.4 pro series. I have 2 jp and a radial and 3/8 10.
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    First 60in cues

    Starting making cues 4 years ago in my spare time, and this summer i decided to try 60in.
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    Pechauer Rogue Jp Series Pro Series Customs

    I have several new pechauer cues for sale and 8 rogue shafts. 2 rogue radial and one 3/8 10. Email me at and get a shipped price. Thanks Mike
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    Old viking worth anything

    A buddy sent me pics of his old viking, wants to know if it worth anything. Straight and excellent condition. Thanks for any help.
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    Looking for old jacoby warpless

    Just wondering if i can find by old jacoby. I sold it on here several years ago on here to someone in the las Vegas area. Pictures will be post below. Might be willing to buy it, if whoever is willing to sell it for a reasonable price