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    joe tucker aiming system

    Yeah, they aim at the contact point and compensate for the under cut. Since many players use the contact point method consciously and probably subconsciously, I think it's interesting that they (me) had to learn Joe's method. If I was probably already doing it subconsciously, why didn't it...
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    joe tucker aiming system

    Armchair QB on a Sunday. Your intent was to disrupt with your opinion. SOP Nice try at the obfuscation, but the confusion is all yours. It's obvious you're posting for attention and when you're not the center of attention you resort to discrediting any available thread. Don't be...
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    Is the Object Ball just a "Mirrored Reflection" of the Cue Ball

    I see what you did there. Now there's more than one of you for your fan club to follow...or more targets for your other "fan club". :D How thoughtful! Best, Mike
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    AzB's Dumbing Down

    So, is he on 1? And what happens when he gets to 3? Best, Mike
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    Places To Play In NE Georgia

    I'm visiting friends in Ellijay this summer and was wondering if there are any places to play within an hour or so of there? I've visited many times over the last twenty years, but this time I may stay long enough to shoot a few racks. Any pool rooms or bars to recommend? Best, Mike
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    TOI is English/Spin

    I've got a hot nurse practitioner I'm seeing tomorrow. I'll pm her info if you want. Best, Mike
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    CJ defeats Earl and a Special Thanks to this Forum

    Well, there's only one thing I can recommend... :grin: Best, Mike
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    CJ defeats Earl and a Special Thanks to this Forum

    Another CJ thread and guess who's posted the most posts in it? You don't want a discussion. You just want to derail it and get CJ's goat. Best, Mike
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    The importance of a smooth cueing action

    Psychoanalysis is another of your weak suits. Unlike you, I discuss my opinions and don't tell people they're mistaken. I was discussing something with PJ and you replied, with no purpose other than to tell me you were right, again. I have zero bias against knowledge presented by a credible...
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    Addressing The Cue Ball Low For Most Strokes

    I've found it to be a reliable cuing position on most of my basic shots. It's a solid hit on the cue ball as I "move up the ladder" toward follow strokes. I also find it's easier to gauge my speed control by stroking through the cue ball rather than off of it, up or to the side. SVB and The...
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    How to Use the Masse' Shot to Curve Around Obstructing Balls

    Oh, ok! I should be using a breast, not a chest. Be back in a few after I find one. :thumbup: Best, Mike
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    Islamic State Declares Swearing Not Allowed in Billiards

    Should I feel bad if I laughed at that? Nah! The spectators were ISIS, too! Best, Mike
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    Thanks for posting CJ

    Best, Mike
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    Thanks for posting CJ

    LOL I'm trying to visualize what this would be like...:grin: Best, Mike
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    Thanks for posting CJ

    Well, you've probably been successful in smashing another CJ thread...your favorite poster. And he hasn't even posted in it yet. You could've at least waited to stick your fingers in the cage till he did. Best, Mike