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    Cases: Whitten vs. JB

    john barton builds the best cases that there are. period. this is coming from lou's cornerman from new jersey. john played at one of our tourneys in memphis and was nothing but a gentleman.....and a couple guys that thought they caught somehting, got stung. good on you JB. if you...
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    Diamond Ball Polisher vs Bludworth Ball Polisher

    btw....guy that does the "clean gleam" or whatever he calls it. clever. but still misses it.... what kind of tires would you put on a porsche? level loop - there's a hint for you goofs that think you can make $ on ball
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    Diamond Ball Polisher vs Bludworth Ball Polisher

    they are both incredibly flawed. i figured out something better (spent a couple years on it), but the price point/return on investment isn't worth the time.....there are about 30 of them out there....
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    Sold Original George Balabushka business card

    i will take it. please PM paypal info and i'll square up with you within a day. thanks and take care. dustin miller
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    FS: Amboyna burl and Ebony...

    Mr. Bautista: All your cues look amazing. Been watching this listing, surprised this hasn't sold yet. I'm interested and payment isn't a problem, have a few questions: (1) What is the OD at the joint? (2) What is the OD at the butt? (3) What kind of weight bolt/thread do you use (is it...
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    Article says : "Hitting a Baseball is the Hardest Skill to Pull Off in Sports." -- Not IMO

    now, wade boggs had plate discipline.....(and a couple gold gloves) ----------- ate chicken before every game and supposudley could crush some beers....
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    Article says : "Hitting a Baseball is the Hardest Skill to Pull Off in Sports." -- Not IMO

    i think you mean tony gwynn.....and you're flat out wrong (sorry). mr. padre had 7 silver sluggers, had over 3,000 hits, and a lot were outside of the zone - which is what made him a freak. -Miller (got two hits off andy benes at bosse field....) :)
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    steve davis was pretty sporty in his prime. alex higgins was a character (and then some)..... ;)
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    triangle o_O
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    Sold BeCue Package

    same joint pin (one might be a little longer than the other). everything is perfectly interchangeable.
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    Simonis banner for sale 6ft long 30 inch high.

    this is cool. i'll take it. please PM PayPal info. thanks.
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    Sold BeCue Package

    BeCue Package priced to move. Everything 99% condition. Butts – Two butts, one “naked” wrapless, one with smooth “sport” wrap Shafts – Two BeCue Prime M, 12 mm, both 4.22 oz, BeCore medium stock tips 10” Standard Extension Leonardo balance/weight cartridge system SOLD firm PayPal...
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    BeCue Prime M Uni-Loc

    price drop to move at $375
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    Sold Predator Classico

    48 hour bump....
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    BeCue Prime M Uni-Loc

    48 hour bump....